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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Filthicus - Blood And Death

 Well  the Canadian Empire is about to collapse. My vassal and finger puppet prime minister - Commodus The Younger… has emptied the coffers with his fake plague scam. The supply chains are breaking of snarled beyond redemption. Faggotry, decadence and perversion  are the hallmarks of the ruling class. Real leadership is nowhere to be found in the Imperial Capital, and certain ruin is all but inevitable.

That means it’s time once again for free bread, circuses and games! This Thursday we have blood thirsty beasts, brought in from the furthest corners of the Empire, to fight and die before you for your amusement! The fear and loathing of the fighters is almost palpable!!! Those of you with weaker constitutions will have to look away, lest you be overwhelmed by the savagery!!!

Let the Games begin!!!

Ehhhhhh…. Hackafffffff!!! Harrrrrumpfffff! Ummmm…

There!!! I ask you: are you not entertained?!?!

Why are you ignorant filthy peasants glaring at me like that!?!? Don’t you dare rebel, you deplorable dirt people!!! Where is my bitter Centurion to defend me from this stinking rabble!?!?

This is insurrection, you subhuman ignoratti!!!


  1. That poor, defenseless Pittie Bullie. I feel so sorry for him (or her).

  2. I’m reading this and thinking of a previous post on religion Glen.

    In the internet age we are all solitary watchmen on the wall. It shall come down to this. We will overcome or fight tiny battles of last resort – with shit weapons.

    I have seen the elephant. I will see these piss ants off also. I fear more the swing of the pendulum. Hungry and cold are brutal motivators.