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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Fine By Me...


...I am still here, you fuckers, and still pureblooded.
Aim to stay that way too!

And - when your athletic 15~25 year old kid drops dead from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,
I will laugh and thank the Gods Of Vengeance 
for your misery and loss too!

I almost hope Turdo locks us down again. Maybe it will motivate someone to push that shithead
down a flight of stairs, or out in front of a bus.
You can't run a country like this.


  1. Actually, this morning Aesop posted an excellent article with links from a retired MD about the "Vaxx". His killer line was "GOK as in God only knows just how screwed you are from the jab". Aesop also posted how to save the report on your computer before Orville's 1984 flaming memory hole eats it from the internet.

    Ye Gods and little fishes something I'm proud to cross post.

    However as a pureblood myself AND a bit of an Historian I foresee evil people "Othering" and Blaming the Yellow Star UNVAXXED as the source of all the not a vaxx issues. After all Hitler blamed the jews for hyperinflation as to gain support from fearful, hungry, broke peoples. Socialist, Communist, Fascist all words for folks that want to control folks who mostly want to be left alone.

    Socialists and politicians (but I repeat myself) lie with every breath even if the truth might be better, its their scorpion nature.

  2. Yeah Nurse Ratchett jumped on that train finally. He originally way way back at the start of the coof, was very loudly proclaiming the coof was very real, not just some flu, for many many months. Then he went radio silent on the matter for a long time.
    I expect in about oh half a year he'll put out a summation of how the Russkies were right all along, the Ukes DID have labs, etc.
    Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

    1. He may come to the rational side but never admit just how wrong he was. And he will be rude and ignorant while pretending he was never wrong

  3. Sometimes when I am gardening I encourage the plants I want while discouraging the weeds I despise.

    Ego is a problem most common. Mirror check folks?

  4. So they suspended - suspended, not lifted - the goddamn mandates. So fucking what? Do these people who were clamoring for the purebloods like me to get hauled off to a camp, have my kids taken away, outright die, or a combination of those or more, REALLY think that this now means "Ah well, we'll just let bygones be bygones and pick up where we left off"?

    If so, I have two words for them: FUCK. YOU.

    There are things that can't ever be set right or reconciled. The very best thing about this 'scam-demic' is that everyone's cards are on the table now. We got to see everyone and everything for who and what they really are.

  5. I fully understand how they feel. I have the same feelings about stupid people that attempt to bring their stupid problems for repair. Then squabble about how it is unfair that they cant fix stupid and then complain even more when they are told they owe money for your abilities. All the service industries are being ruined by stupid.

  6. I had an appointment for routine blood work at my doctor's office last February. When I arrived, I had to fill out a form online before I went in for the blood draw. The first question was "Are you vaccinated?". I answered No. Suddenly, my appointment was no good and the doctor wouldn't consider blood tests until I scheduled a full physical. I impolitely declined and left.