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Monday, 13 June 2022

FJT Perfection 😊👍



  1. Nicely done. I recommend adding one of these--

    I have two, one on a gas gun and one on a bolt gun.

  2. I sold my set up like that some years back. takes a gunsmith or an armorer to work on it.
    My JP LRP-07 can be worked on by me. hasn't needed any major stuff yet. It has thousands of rounds through it. I did change out the handguard but that is it. Still shoots 1 MOA with my handloads.
    My M1A was a nice rifle but a friend needed it more than me.

    1. I would never argue the obsolete M14 against modern modular rifles either, Chota. If you have to have the best battlefield rifle the M14 just isn't it anymore.

  3. They are big, hefty rifles for sure.

  4. Whatever you're good hitting the mark with is a good rifle. Whatever it may be.
    Ohio Guy