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Friday, 10 June 2022

Friday Rude Jokes & Random Ignorateum



  1. Most everyone who lives in rural areas know that eagles are nasty carrion eaters who prefer dead baby piglets, spread in the field, over berries and bread layed out for them at a feeder.

    Benjamin Franklin was aghast that the Bald Eagle was chosen as the national bird by the USA.

    1. I was accused (wrongfully) of smoking crack 100 years ago when I said that I was seeing bald eagles here and there. "Nah!" they said, "Bald eagles? In Alberta? Filthie, yer nuts!!!"

      I was vindicated when others saw them too. Then the friggin pelicans showed up and I thought I was smoking crack! The go fishing in the moat around Dawg Island for minnows.

      Warble gloaming must be messing with migration patterns...!!!

  2. +1000 for the Batman meme !!!