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Friday, 10 June 2022

Globohomo Admits Defeat In The Ukraine

 The Jews of the NYT finally admit defeat.

Hmmmmm. Your military is kitted out with Soviet era weapons and munitions. You’re confronting the main world power that made them, and they are easily ten times your size. Who woulda seen this coming??? Who’da thunk it?

Unsaid in the JYT article is the fact that they are out of men to run those weapons too. If the ‘Kraine was a real country and not a Globohomo proxy, they’d save lives, end the charade and start to deal. It is obvious that the Ukrainian mutt has been stomped by the Russian Bear. The American faggotry are going to be taking this one up the hooper too.

Hopefully General Aesop has lots of Vaseline.πŸ˜†πŸ‘


Russian propaganda, must be taken with grains of salt…

Ukrainian forces suffer massive casualties as Russian troops outnumber them 20 to one in artillery and 40 to one in ammunition, new intelligence paints a grim and desperate picture of violent conflict on the front lines - The Independent

 Now it is clear why the European Union is playing for time with the acceptance of Ukraine into its ranks.  They are waiting for when there will simply be no one to accept.


  1. Of all the words of screen and pen
    The most tedious are these:
    Aesop was wrong again.

    What a colossal fag.

    1. Call him GaeSlop.

      Him and that lesbo-skank gliberal whiggress are two sides of the same coin.

    2. Nurse Ratchett has zero credibility now his blog is shot. Biden just threw Zelensky under the bus, so that narrative has moved into overdrive- overdrive reversal that is lol.

  2. Speaking of the crazed red-faced lesbo-skank (not GaeSlop) this is the load I left in her blog bitching about a lack of Kruschev-era 152mm artillery shells:

    ^^^ There is a reason for the current events ^^^

    The reason you see so many dud shells is that the Russians are firing 152mm shells from the Kruschev and Brezhnev eras which cost 10 rubles to make back in the 1960s and the priming to detonate the HE is too old so it dosen't work sometimes.

    Which means that they got plenty of 152mm shells from the Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin era still to fire. Not to mention the 122mm and 76mm from The Great Patriotic War stored somewhere in Russia with the T-55s and T-34s.

    The Russians follow the proven 2d Chechin War strategy:

    Flatten the main cities like Grozney, kill a couple of hundred thousand men and a few tens of thousands of civilians caught up in the shelling with no place to go, then pick a tamed warlord to become the new client-king. Then rinse and repeat in the jewkraine.

    Now they are using drones as spotters to engage in artillery duels. Last week I seen drone footage of seven man Ukrainian patrol on a dirt road and then a mortar shell came in and killed five of them and the two wounded who were trying to run away were screaming and wriggling around in pain from their shredded legs bleeding out.

    There also was footage from a Russian bombardment of a Ukie trench which took out a platoon or so as the shells hit and the shrapnel was channelled down the trench while some Russian chick sang some sad song.

    ZOG did the same things in Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Vietnam.

    Your foolishness is merely getting the Ukrainians killed when they could simply have played nice in the Donbas, let the Russians in the east go and agreed to not join NATO. Now what is going to happen is that Putin will install some of his pet warlords and carve up the rump country less the east and south Black Sea coast which he wants for the Neo-Russian Empire and let the rest revert to a Swiss-style system of cantonments as a buffer from the Pollacks and as a place to leave a pipeline to the friendly Hungarians and Serbs. The Germans shall have to pay cash in rubles.

    Enjoy the $10 a gallon diesel here in the ZOGland. Pretty soon the former ZOGland shall be ruled by The Ten Thousand Warlords and given that your lesbo-psycho pussy is too far gone to mess with, no Handmaid's Tail for you you silly delusional gliberal whiggress coosh.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  3. The outcome of this was never really in doubt. Russia always had the manpower to succeed....IF they were willing to pay the price.
    It appears they were willing to sacrifice thousands in order to win...the real question now is what the fallout will be for Russia.
    Such a pyrrhic victory WILL have long term consequences.

    1. What pyrrrhic victory, Dan? The Russian economy is exploding. The Ruble is the third strongest currency in the world right now. Russia now controls the most lucrative portions of the Kraine. For Vlad, the Kraine is less of a loss than Afghanistan and Iraq were for the US. The inventory of obsolete equipment is getting cleared out, and the manufacture of modern arms has ramped up. He has the EU by the short and curlies and is doing incredible damage to American/EU relations. Depending on how stupid Biden wants to get… the only country that will win stupid prizes when this is over is the USA…

    2. You were very nice to Dan, I would have been...less charitable. Paid troll or voluntary fool. Tree Mike

  4. I watched ‘we were soldiers’ last night, and at the end the VC general said something that hit home as he surveyed his destroyed troops. “Such a tragedy. Now, it will become an American war. But the end will be the same. Only difference is how many will die between here and there.”

    1. The hell of it is that it was all avoidable. This war is about greed and grift... and morons like Aesop and his bunch wave the stars and stripes like trained zippers and believe the crap Globohomo feeds them without question - and they'll fight to the last Ukranian. All Vlad wanted was troops off his borders, a demilitarized Ukrain, and fair treatment in world markets.

      America is basically incurring all this bloodshed at this point to keep the Ukranian money laundering maching going for Biden, Pelosi, Romney and a few other fart suckers in the govt.
      Vlad and the Russians feel no guilt whatsoever, they don't care what the faggots and harpies on Twitter think of them, and they will kill as many people as it takes to get a fair deal.

    2. GaeSlop is a ZOGbot.

      I've been for over 30 years in the underground Christian Identity Movement after the Ft. Smith Sedition Trial of 1987-88 rebuilding. Been an open political activist running for political office and some militias since after Waco. You have anything political running you will have ZOGtards infested with ZOGbots like dogs have ticks and fleas. Just the nature of the Beast.

      GaeSlop knows about nursing and he used to run a Marine howitzer battery or so he says. I was in a Lance Fire direction and Control Charlie Battery 2d Btn 42d FA (Lance) in the tail end of the Carter Army in 1981-83 when they had 2 year enlistments. Then in 1986-87 I played Reservist in a M109 155mm howitzer unit for $100 per weekend drill.

      So if you point out that Russia didn't want this proxy war with ZOG/Babylon and thinks it is an existential war which must be fought and now is fighting it with these Orlan 10 drones with lawnmower engines hovering for hours with a cell phone link to a FDC running a battallion of 152 mm Soviet owitzers firing off Breshnev era shells -- which is why so many of them are dud rounds. GaeSlop should know that that means that the Russians won't run out of artillery shells and if they do time to take the 122mm howitzers out of storage.

      You see ZOG has a brand new $100,000 Excaliber 155mm round. Putin has a million 100 ruble rounds made 50 years ago. Who do you think is going to run out of ammo first, the jewkrainians or the Russkis?

      Now GaeSlop knows this, as possibly the old red-faced lesbo-skank who has her jewggle-blog. But what does it matter? GaeSlop will yammer on about "canned sunshine" upon the Russkis as the end result. Ignored is that Putin has already won the war. Eventually Odessa will surrender or become rubble. Putin will sell Ukrainian grain cheap to Syrian mercenaries. Belarus will fly in starving Africans to infiltrate the Pollack borders. Hungary and Serbia will buy more gas and oil delivered from a pipeline from some former jewrkrainan canton with a compliant warlord running it. Kiev and Lvov will elect some suitable client warlords or be shelled incessantly. The jew puppet able to play HavaNagila with his dick will move to his palaces in Tel Aviv or Miami. Germany will starve or freeze cum winter. And all will be well with the world.

      Arguing with the old lesbo-skank or with GaeSlop is a waste of time, especially on theys' blog. They won't publish your criticism or as seen before Senile Joe will counter-nuke Tsar Vlad who will be assassinated by ZOG agents and the their jewinsky puppet will ride up to the Kremlin on a white unicorn to sodomize Bad Vlad's dead anus flying the rainblow banner and the entire world will glow in the dark and thus GaeSlop is right -- always right on his own blog.

      Back in the 1990s I used to argue with Red Mike Vanderbogus who had a Sipsey Street Irregulars militia blog. We both agreed that Timothy McVeigh was a ZOGbot and that I was Christian Identity and that Red Mike was a miltia general. He set up the III-Percentards who were a ZOG militia. He died in 2016 and his kid figured out Red Mike was a ZOGbot and stopped the blog.

      I enjoy reading the red-faced lesbo-skank's blog because she is genuinely in anguish. I like reading GaeSlop's blog because he is a higher-functioning mattoid of high-IQ and very little sense. Just like with Red Mike, I want a former ZOGland of from 10-30 million ex-whiggers ruled over by Ten Thousand Warlords. So to know GaeSlop as a ZOGbot isn't necessarily to like GaeSlop but as Tolkien wrote it all eventually works out in the end towards the Will of YHWH.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
      Write-In Candidate for US Senate

  5. The proxy war was to protect the graft of the Deep State and Political Leeches. Looks like they are already starting the blame game to escape a nasty trap set my Mr. Putin.

    The USA may resort to Dan's buddy's Canned Sunshine to put paid to the troubles and maybe rule over the ashes.

    Canned Sunshine is pretty much the new chant over at Aesop's right now. Any reference to the Russians is not losing is replied to by Canned Sunshine. Seems hitting Russia's capital ships is OK BUT hitting one of ours would be SLBM Canned Sunshine time.

    I hope Aesop is wrong and someone sane in the US Military says NO. After all Aesop has always said "someone sane" in Russia would refuse Putin's orders to launch canned sunshine and of course add a 9mm Q-tip for Putin as an aperitif.

    Russia has a solid history of pulling out ALL THE STOPS when Mother Russia is seriously endangered. As I've tried to mention to Aesop, Putin is the MODERATE in Russian politics. Might be a lot of Aesop's SPF one Million needed all around.

    1. Oh yeah. Those birds aren't that bright over there Michael. One thing that should have been noted long ago by that crew is this: Vlad does exactly what he says he is going to do. Contrary to the hysterics over there, he isn't crazy, he isn't nuts - he knows exactly what he's doing, what it is going to cost, and what he is going to get out of it. Globohomo has been shocked and hurt by this several times now. They put long range missiles into the Kraine - and then are horrified when Russia sells trainloads of captured Stingers and Javelins to ISIS, Hamas, Al Quieda and the Taliban. He has warned repeatedly that the next world war will not be fought on Russian soil. If those idiots get the nuclear exchange they are blustering about, they will get what they give and be horrified with that too.

      They have no idea at the shitstorm they are brewing.

  6. I hear you Glen, but I worry about my Grandkids. I'm at peace with my dying as I've been on the sharp end of the stick a few times, but my Grandkids didn't do anything to create this F'ed up mess that Aesop's cheering on like a military football game.

    When the scum get Putin all hades will erupt and despite Aesop's dreams that China will eat Russia, all of us will "Enjoy" nuclear sunburns and tsunamis.

    I doubt Aesop has kids or anybody to care about after he's the warlord of the wastelands.

    Protect your family, they are the future.