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Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Happy Coin-Shaver Day Everyone!


Eeeeeermmmm… can we have this
ethnic holiday during 
Monkey Pox month…?


  1. Sure. If it involves graffiti, boom cars, or rap music you got my vote on a platter, alongside two fingers of top shelf bourbon.

    1. Ye gods, Jack - I haven't had a drink since Christmas. I'm telling ya... I could seriously go for a campfire, a cigar and a glass of bourbon...

  2. I think it was Isaac Newton who came up with the idea to add ridges to coins so that coin clippers couldn't file off a bit of gold or silver. As head of the Royal Mint he made coin clipping treason to be punished by hanging, drawing,and quartering.

    Unlike today's electron based money, gold and silver money was serious business.