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Monday, 13 June 2022

How Hate Speech Is Made

One of our biggest failures is conceding the moral high ground to progressives with this idea that “words hurt”. What utter rot; if you say your words and I don’t hear them, I am not hurt. If I chose not to hear you and walk away, i am not hurt. People “getting hurt” by words are getting hurt because they want to be. 

And, if you look at what’s actually hurting them, it’s not the words. What is really hurting them is the fact that you are proving them wrong, that you rest on strong foundations, and that they do not. Their worlds are so fragile that they can be blown apart with mere words. That is why the woke and enlightened left spend so much time trying to redefine words. When their worlds implode… that is when the shrieking and screaming starts. 


  1. One of the fundamentals of power is controlling language.
    By pretending to be 'hurt' by words leftists gain power.
    And fundamentally that is all they care about.

  2. Glen your on target, Dan pretty close.

    Power is force. Words are a soft means to force people into submission.

    Leftists are winning by creating chaos with ever changing word meanings and that they will spill blood for their often changing "beliefs".

  3. That's why the Commies have gone from banning 'hate speech' to banning 'disinformation'. Normies now recognize hate speech is just a difference of opinion or a neglect to celebrate some twits victimized. Hate speech doesn't work any more.

  4. I get the sentiment, but "secular person" is waaay too broad a descriptor. Now if you replace "secular person" with "non-observant person" you'd be far more on the mark.