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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Humpday Ramble: Fathers And Degenerates

 The news is that Elon Musk's son just came out of the closet, announced that he was a tranny - and that he will be taking his mom's hyphenated maiden name and flouncing off into the sunset to pursue a life of fulfilling perversion.

It's the same old repeating pattern: the kid 'discovers' that he or she is a pervert, they flip the bird at the family in general and dad in particular... and off they go. You either accept them as your new moral and intellectual superior, and go to live with them in the circus tent under the rainbow... or you are persona nongrata.  

When this happens to fathers, they first look to themselves and blame themselves for not doing their jobs right. They rethink everything about themselves because they internalize it. Let's be honest - all these queers, perverts, pedos and trannies have screws loose... and fathers wonder if they are responsible. Bad genetics? Bad environment? Those are the foundations for perverted sexuality. Or, at least, they used to be. Dad will be going over himself running a self diagnostic looking for the flaws in himself that might have caused this. A Christian would call it 'soul searching'.

Elon can do one of two things: He can chicken out, and go along with the shitlibs and pretend that this is normal, reasonable conduct for a healthy young man. The pros and cons are simple and enticing: you remain part of a family (it may be pozzed and diseased) - but it is family none the less. 

The alternative is that he can stand up, be a man, be a father - and tell his son that he can change his ways, man up - or go straight to hell on his own because Dad is not going to going to go with him. The pros are that you are still a man, still a father, and trying to do what's right for the kid. The con is that you will be exiled from the hive that now actively and deliberately promotes this kind of degeneracy. You get cancelled, you become dead to them, and are forever a heretic and apostate.

When you look at this, it is no choice at all. I remember desperately trying to get my daughter to at least talk, but it was just stony, sullen silence that came back. It was going to be 100% capitulation on my part or nothing at all. I remember my dipshit idiot in-laws inserting themselves into that and supporting my lesbian SJW daughter, and trying to undermine me. She eventually cancelled them too, I dunno why - maybe they weren't gay enough for her? I no longer care; but it took me a long time to get here.

Either way involves heart ache and hurt for a father - and I wish Elon all the best. I wish his son the best too; these kids are getting indoctrinated with this shit and parents are only waking up to it now. In truth, this has probably gone on for well over ten or fifteen years. I hope Elon has the courage to be a man and an example to his son even when all seems lost. 

Does he have the courage for it...?


  1. Musk has seven (7) children living by 2 women. Youngest born Dec 2021. Look it up. Oldest died in infancy of SIDS- a son.

  2. Yes sir, when the offspring turn to worldliness and fads, it's heartbreaking. And I did exactly what you said. But, kids are wired to leave the nest. And part of that wiring is to question everything they were taught. At some point, if they survive their knocks, they realize you weren't the dolt they imagined you were.