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Saturday, 25 June 2022

If You Are Oot & Aboot…

Well it looks like it might be time for more mostly peaceful demonstrations that involve murder, arson, mobs and mayhem because the American Supreme Court voted the wrong way on abortion. The usual suspects are pulling their hair out and vomiting with rage.

Who knows? I think the vast majority of lunatics prone to such hysteria are the fat old wine-soaked cat ladies and their elderly noodle armed neoliberal bug men. I don’t think the abortion issue is the hot button it was 30 years ago but admit I could be wrong.

If you are oot and aboot keeping your eye on your churches and your businesses and you mean to actively defend them … keep in mind that the Supremes may have made their ruling… but most of the judiciary is still firmly in the hands of Globohomo Inc and the Establishment. They will close ranks around the vandals, rioters, and looters and defend them. They will actively prosecute lawful citizens who lawfully defend themselves from the mobs. Remember, they did their level best to kill Kyle Rittenhouse when he clearly acted in self defence and shot his potential murderers - on video tape. That young man got very lucky.

Just hypothetically speaking… if I had to defend my turf from those types, I’d do it wearing sunglasses and a Covid mask. I’d also be aware of any security cams and fire from places of concealment. Lastly, I’d recommend not cooperating with the police in any fashion, nor would I say a word to them without a lawyer first.

But of course, that’s all hypothetical. I suppose I’d only do that if I lived in a society where the courts and law enforcement were corrupted and pozzed beyond any validity, and the institutions were all failing… I’d never advocate such things in a successful neoliberal democracy like ours! Good heavens, no!

Errrrrrm… who opened up? It’s starting to smell like Joe Biden shat himself in here…


Best of luck today, folks! 


  1. The most likely rioters are bused in and paid up to $300 a day. They're Antifa/BLM and commie/military age (sponsored by Deep State) boarder jumpers. As long as they stay in the city, they're protected, if they venture out to legacy America, they will get some push back. Tree Mike

  2. suppressors are your friend.

  3. get a good 22lr rifle, some sort of "can" and maybe a few of those
    60 grain sub sonic rounds. granddad's old 24-26 inch barrel single shot works just fine with those. make your hit and MOVE.
    any sound of the shot will be lost in background noise.
    just sayin.

  4. Don't forget to wear gloves while loading your weapons, especially if you don't have a brass catcher.

  5. The joe did and does, what is your point Glen? He is the shitter in chief... I agree, Michael Collins Irish Rules apply, one shot, one scoot away. Target the mid-level bureaucrats, and middle managers. The low hanging managers and office staff will not want to be promoted knowing it is a brief career and ends very badly.

    1. If I had to make a point, Cederq, besides the one on my head - it would be to note that the centre is collapsing. They no longer have any legitimacy, and the institutions like the courts and schools and media are no longer worth the time of day. You can't run a country without banks, schools, and courts that you can trust. That fosters instability, anxiety, and stress. We see this now as we lurch from one Current Thing to the next. We will see a power grab soon. It will come from the left and be a Stalin, or it will come from the right with a Pinochet, or maybe somebody who was a mix of both like You-Know-Who.
      We are going to have some very nasty people to kill soon.

  6. robehr orinsky25 June 2022 at 15:47

    Whoever thought of antifa and the bois Pushing out to the hinterlands with their new effort where they can freely attack the white anglo crowds and the Christian/Catholic base should come to my neighborhood watch meeting this Sabbath after church . We hold it at the church shooting range . Yes our church has a shooting range .