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Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Lot Of Countries

… could benefit from this sentiment.



  1. it was a wish of mine to be like that, never came close to it.
    learned how to grow food, can fix a few things, know how to operate a lathe, mill and shaper. but still there are things, I just can't do myself
    now that I a lot older and busted up, there is even less I can do myself.
    that does piss me off some.

  2. The American Dream was to own your own home, one car in the garage, and two-point-five children that would do a little better in life than good old Dad did. Owning land was a major achievement in life, so the price of land went up.

    Then we had the Great Depression, War II, Korea, Vietnam, and a host of other conflicts. While all this was hitting the fan, radio, television, and the Internet were invented, and it was discovered that he who owns the media controls the world. Or at least a significant part of it.

    The wealthiest one percent of the population in the U.S. today control fortunes that literally couldn't be imagined two hindered years ago. For one thing, no one but a drunken mathematician would think of the numbers involved. Trillion? Who knew?

    So our poor guy and his house and car? Both loans are underwater, the old lady is working full time, he may be getting permanently laid off, and his son says he'd rather be a girl. He sits over his second whiskey of the evening and wonders idly if his wife is cheating on him, then realizes that if she is, he doesn't care. He's been over everything he's done, and he doesn't understand how he ended up here. He wonders how he can get out of this mess, and he has no idea. None.

    Our president was elected in a banana republic election, complete with voter fraud and violent protests. Our not-a-president is demented. The not-a-VP is blatantly incompetent. Our speaker of the House is crazier than a sack of cats. How did we get here? Maybe more to the point, how do we get out of this?

    The American Dream

  3. I have a little quibble with the idea of owning property. Yeah, we own our home and property, clear title, paid off. BUT...........there is this thing called property taxes. We do not own our home unless we pay our annual tribute to the Great Khan. We pay our tribute, and Uncle Sugar leaves us alone for another year. So the net effect is that we are leasing our property from the gummint.

    1. Greg Nailed it. The Founding Fathers, however wonderful or wretched they were, set up a system that led to American Exceptionalism. When the dotgov inc. gets out of the way, free people can do miraculously amazing things. We did that for awhile, but eventually the bankster's wormed their way in to financialize every thing. Once they got fractionalized banking in, it was the beginning of the end. Here we are now. Don't forget the pitchforks, torches and tar...and rope. For Listing purposes, signed, Tree Mike

  4. I have a picture of one of my granddaughters when she was about 8 years old doing that exact same thing. The chicken didn't seem to mind and indeed would run to her when she called. Unfortunately, a year or so later, they lost all of their chickens to a coyote.

  5. That's hate speech. If America were a nation of self-reliant farmers, craftsmen, hunters, ranchers, and artists then what would the poor banksters do? Always the victims for no reason at all, the poor poor banksters.

  6. They’re all great comments fellas. I just loved the message, and the pic of the little one hugging the bird so hard her eyes are popping out, HAR HAR HAR!
    I don’t think the caption is accurate though - multiculturalism and diversity have undermined any chance of a shared set of morals and ethics. Without that any country is doomed…