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Thursday, 9 June 2022

One Fine Day At The Bashaw Gun Shop: Road Trip Ramble

 King Peter decided to buy one of those cheap little Howa rifles in .223 in an effort to evade rising ammo prices. I can't believe the shite I was seeing at the shop... it wasn't highway robbery - it was highway rapery with a little sacking and pillaging!!! 

JFC - one thousand small rifle primers? How does $110.00 grab ya? I stocked up back in the day when Barkie Obutthole was making his run at the Whitehouse... and figured I better stock up on primers because once that jug eared baboon got in... who knew what was going to happen to prices. Sure enough, within a couple years into the Buckwheat Administration... prices began to climb. I paid $35.00/1000 and thought I was getting raped at the time. But I put about 8000 into stores. And I began buying my powder in 8 lb. lots. Nowadays getting the popular powders at all can be a total crapshoot.

Of course they were right out of handguns thanks to Turdo La Doo. You can bet the pipelines for illegal guns into the country are filling up too... and speaking of Canada's swine minister... I noticed something yesterday that made me chuckle. Yesterday I was watching The Gladiator with Russell Crowe in it. The villain in that story was the emperor of Rome - Commodus.

Now... lookit this:

Hmmmm. They are both hair lipped retards, they are both two-bit wannabe tyrants, and they are both whiny little bitches! HAR HAR HAR!!!! And like a commode - they are both full a shit! Turdo's run isn't over yet, but if his story ends with a knife in the gizzard - the comparison will be complete and appropriate!

Pete and I got in a fight at the store - I told him to buy an extra mag, and he starts yammering that all he needs is one. I told him to STFU and threw an extra one in with all the plunder he was buying. "It's $59.00!!!" he whined. "Shut up," I explained, "You should have at least four and better to have six..." But he still gave me grief. "Why would I need six mags...?"

"BFYTW." I explained, using the polite acronym from Busted Knuckles. The gun clerks and wanks all snorted with suppresed laughter and smirked. "What's that stand for?" Pete wailed. 

For myself, I found a reasonable price on .243 100 gr. hunting bullets and bought 300 of 'em. That should keep me going for awhile. 

This is Pete's new rifle. It came complete with some unknown
ACME brand of scope - a cheapo 3x9.
This will be a budget rifle and may be built up in time.
Pete's gun doesn't have the picatinny rail,
but rather two direct mounts on the action.

Hmmmmm. This rifle's mission, according to Pete, will be paper punching out to 200 yards at the range. There is a guarantee with the rifle that it will go sub MOA for a 3 shot group with match ammo. I dunno what to think about it to be honest. Years ago I bought the Remington 700 equivalent to this rifle in .308. My idea at the time was to build it out into a "pocket sniper rifle" and that thing was a complete POS right from the factory. That was to be expected, considering what I paid for it. I knew I'd have to do some tinkering and the first thing I did was pull the barrel and swap in a match barrel from Lilja ... but it didn't seem to have much of an effect. Of course the next thing after that would have been a MacMillan bedded and free floated stock, replacement bottom metal and 10 round mags, yadda yadda yadda, $$$ka-ching$$$ ka-ching$$$ka-ching. I was going to be into that thing for at least $3500 bucks and possibly quite a bit more before I'd have that thing shooting to my satisfaction... and I just lost interest in that particular money pit. I was just getting into my fine black powder retirement rifles at the time and had no real interest in a project like that anymore. I am kinda thinking Pete's experience with this might be similar to mine but who knows? He will need a new scope for sure. 

Then I saw the fag looking at slings and we got into another punch-up. He was going to buy some unadjustable econo-sling and I flat out forbade it. And that goes for all you tards here too!!! You want a GI M1917 leather sling, and you'll shell out the money for it and like it, damn you!!!! The shooting sling - properly used - is a shooting aid, and is not just for carrying your rifle. The best riflemen in the world are the good ol' United States Green Bean Marines - and they use the GI sling to loop up and blast bullseyes at boggling ranges. If you aren't using one - change that - yesterday! And yes, that is an order! Buy one, and then go on Jew Tube where they even have a vintage Marine training vid from the 40's that will show you how to attach and use them. If you aren't using your sling in your shooting - try this. You will thank me for it later. I will tolerate no snivelling or dissent on this important topic!

If I recall there used to be an old stubfart out there that was offering M1917 leather slings that were even better than the originals... if I recall he used 1" wide straps rather than 3/4" ... but he had a waiting list a couple miles long. He's probably retired now.

We'll be doing a range day next week, where Pete will also wring out a custom bolt gun in 7mm Brenneke. We'll have a range report for ya then! As for me... I have my trusty Ruger No. 1 in .243 and some new bullets to try too. Should be a good time.




  1. Filthie, Phil and me are not polite, please never use that term in speaking ill about us or in passing... Some things just don't together.

    1. What? Compared to Yours Truly - you guys are mild mannered gentlemen.... HAR HAR HAR!!!

    2. Careful now. Rumor has it Ol Dead Eye, Cedreq has a short fuse and a bad ass shotgun.

    3. Anon, ya got that backward, a short shotgun and a bad ass fuse...

  2. I have a leather sling on my Enfield and a web sling on my Garand. I actually prefer the web sling.

    1. +1 on the web sling, preferably all cotton. The nylon ones wear longer, but are too "slippery" to hold a shooting position well. Web slings can serve many other uses in a pinch -- belt, tourniquet, cargo strap,...

    2. Plus One More for the web sling. I have the 1907 sling and like it, use it etc but the web sling is more practical imo. Continuously adjustable for one thing and a hell of a lot faster to change the length if it isn't just so.
      And for that matter, these classic 1907 or USGI slings are really best suited for square range stuff. Serious dudes nowadays use 2 point tactical slings. The new tac slings aren't used the same way the old school slings were used, but then, square range marksmanship kind of hits a limit and you need to move beyond that for modern "practical rifle" applications. If you're really motivated, get something like a Magpul MS1 or anything newer, and don't look back.

    3. New leather slings are a pain and some have to be broken in. A few doses of leather oil and lots of hard use... and they'll be as good as your cotton slings. The material does matter a little bit but what is important is that you can get that loop and exert some tension on it to lock everything up. I may be full a beans on this... but it seems to me that the snipers at Camp Perry were using mostly leather...

  3. I’ve told more than my fair share of customers to stop being cheap, “your dumping 800, 1500, 3200 $$ on this gun and your putting The cheapest shit that wont last 6 months or year onto it or your just plain putting the wrong gear on it”

    Some gear, WILL NOT standup to abuse, and god forbid you find yourself in Fucked up times!! 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
    And HERE WE ARE!

    Ya oughta see the looks I getπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ even from my Boss and fellow employee’s.

    These people come in and buy 800$ PLUS AR’z, then top it with a 69.99 POFS red dot, Plastic Iron Sights Or they buy hunting slings for them, god fucking help me!!!
    My personal favorite, they buy Tula Steel case ammo. I try and explain, the damn gun WAS NOT designed to haul out Steel Cases.
    ——-Here’s your CLUE for FREE——-Pay Attention.
    Brass expands and contracts at a known rate eveytime, Steel Expands, Period Full Stop.
    It isn’t a fucking G3 or HK type weapon. The chambers arent fluted, the extractor and ejector(s) wasn’t designed to work that hard.

    And inevidably, there back with a Trashed Extactor or NO extractor and missing all extractor associated parts and a Hammered to Shit ejector.
    Or they come in with a stuck caseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    But Noooooo. They can get more for less, Cheap Ass MF’zzz.
    Then they cry or bitch. Well πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»You!

    I have heard it all about AR’z and Steel case.
    Mine works, never had a problem.
    Ahhh huh. Then after aliitle chatty chatty, I find out, IF, they shoot 500rds a year, there Fucking Training, there Operators, there Fucking Internet Warlords !!!!
    When ya get to 30-50 thousand rounds a year. THEN and ONLY then will I Listen to you. Till then, stick to video games War Lords.

    I explain, They dont listen.

    So when they come back, I make a point of Charging Them at least TWICE the PRICE for the parts and labor to fix it.
    Fuck Them !
    If they wanna be stupid with there money, I’m gonna take more of it from them.

    Contrary to what some believe, we arent out to take all your MONEY!!
    At least at our Store..WE EDUCATE, sometimes to a MONEY Loosing Level. And those that listen and educate themselves beyond YouRube, always comeback and spend lots more.
    And Are are Extremely Happy with US.

    Matter of FACT, I have pissed off my boss telling people…
    Look, save your Money and come back when you have it. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT. This will last you ! either many many thousands of rounds or many years, or they have a NO Questions Warranty and Great CS..

    When I tell you the gun wasnt designed for it. Dont listen to me, fuck it!
    Fuck all the Certs and Money i have invested in, from Ruger to Larue, to Sig to Blackwater(when they excisted as such) Mossberg, SAC, Glock, fuck the 15 plus years of learning from a Gunsmith, fuck all that knowledge. Just fuck it.
    God Bless the Gun Dude YouRUBE MF’rzzz . They KNOW !!!

    And I, in return will say, FUCK IT, i’m gonna take every damn dime from this fucking retard I can.

    As for MAGS, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Well…I was Weapin Birffed under Clinton. My education started then.
    I watched 2 Dudes at a gun show each Pay 1000$ for 1 Beta-Mag after the AWB BS. I saw people pay 60-100$ for “preban 30rd aluminum” mags, more for HK Stainless ones.
    When all that shit died, I spent thousands and thousands on Hi-Cap mags, even for guns i didnt or dont own.

    I Been Waiting…
    And My Time….. Will Come.
    And I am going to Laugh all the way to the Bank or Trading.
    And IF I Don’t, my Kid will.

    But I wont have a Exspensive Bat or Hammer at least.
    And if need be, I’ll have PARTS.
    Magine That. 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

    1. Oh man... there used to be this guy on OyTube and if I ever met him in real life - I'd choke him. He buys the bargain basement cheapest guns out there, puts on the 100.00 scope, and edits his vids to show dime sized three shot groups with steel cased bargain basement ammo. Listening to him, you guys with $8000.00 precision guns wearing $2800.00 Nightforce scopes can throw them in the garbage - and go down to Ukranian Tire and buy a Ruger American and a box of steel cased ammo made in Upposcrabblenik in the old USSR. I have seen those 'operators' too - and they get this crap from their 'instructors' - it's ridiculous.

      Any course you take has to have some of this armourer talk in it, or you simply aren't informed. And yup - I would be stocking up on high cap mags like a demon right now. And for the love of God - DON'T register anything! If you do, the second some shitbag liberal gets voted in - they will be trying to grab them.