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Monday, 27 June 2022

Poli's New Sniper Rifle


So Poli sent me an email the other day telling me he got a new sniper rifle. Aaaaand of course he forgot to send a pic - so I gave him the very hell of it! "For gawdsakes man - an email like this is uselsess without pics! What kind a gun? What scope? First or second focal plane???" Details like this are importand to gun geeks.

So he sent me this pic. Apparently - its a trifocal scope! Ba-dump! Tssssssssssssss! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I'm here all week - try the veal!!!

And if anyone knows what in hell is sitting on that K31... please be a sport and help us out in the comments.

Keep ya corners square and have a great Monday.


  1. Jayzuzz Cris, now THATS a scope !. Or a sewer pipe - roof drain not sure what. Is that is a K31 or the older 1911 ? Appears to be the latter - barrel is longish for a K31.

    Fantastic Swiss rifles those, remember those surplus imported buys about 20 years ago ? K31s for less than a C-note - such a deal ! Those were indeed the days.

  2. That is a 1911, not a 31, notice the gap between the trigger guard and the mag. Tree Mike

  3. That's a tube scope (no, really), and depending on the model, its a $2k peice of hardware. Your best bet, or his, is to have it appraised.

  4. Hubble Space scope.