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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Retard Range Day: Speer 100gr. BTSP's

 Yesterday was the best day I have spent on the range in a long time. King Peter had two new rifles to wring out: A high end semi-custom rifle in 7x64mm Brenneke... and a chit house econo rifle - a Howa in 223. Part of my excellent day was spent enjoying Pete's misery! Sadly, this is what passes for entertainment with old stubfarts. Pete was having a rough day and it showed up on the target. He bought the Howa econo rifle not knowing that it came with a cheapo 3x9 power scope. He couldn't find factory ammo other than the cheap steel cased chicom garbage. I dipped into my stores and gave him some green tips and some of my hand made practice rounds and he couldn't shoot those either. Pete is one of those guys who is an expert but I can't be bothered fighting or arguing with him - so I just settled in behind the spotting scope and let him run, calling his shots for him. He got so rattled that he made me sight the rifles in for him. I don't like the way Pete bags up - which was part of his problem - so I dug out my own and settled in. I cut his 5" groups with the 223 in half which is certainly not something to brag about... but we know at least the rifle is not damaged. It won’t be a tack driver… but it will be an excellent candidate for a ‘build out’. I am trying to talk him into a new barrel and a Timney trigger but we’ll see how that goes.

Then he insisted I look at his high end rifle. I don't like shooting off the bench as I am not very good at it, and will only do it to evaluate new loads. I got up on my hind feet and tried a few offhand. It was a strange rifle for me: it had a 25" sporter contour barrel, a big meaty and flawlessly checkered stock, and was relatively light and oddly balanced to my hands. I threw the first shot and called it in disgust - and helped myself to two more rounds of Pete's ammunition. I could tell by the feel of the first shot that I'd thrown it... but the second two felt just right. The trigger broke like a glass rod and I knew I'd placed them well.

So I look over at Pete on the spotting scope - and he looked like he'd swallowed a turd! I punched two rounds, both bullseyes - about a half an inch apart. It was all a magnificent fluke, of course, but I couldn't help myself: I played it cool as if I did that all the time. "I could get used to a gun like that, Pete - but would have to get a decent scope on it...." Pete looked like he was ready to spit, HAR HAR HAR!!! Like I said... I was having a great day! A great day being a big dink! HAR HAR HAR! I couldn't do that again in a month of Sundays! :)

I did manage to get a few shots with my mighty 243 Win single shot though - my beloved Ruger No. 1.

Ammo and reloading components are getting to be a scrounger's proposition and couple weeks back I spied some of these on the shelf and bought 300 rounds - and cleaned them out. That is the Speer 100 grain Boat Tailed Soft Point bullet. They were 35 bucks/100 so I said 'what the hell' and stocked up.

I had to rush these because Pete was sad and in a snit and wanted to go home. The gun was heating up and I pulled that one flyer in group #3. If it weren't for Pete I would have spent more time and chronographed them too. Results were pretty good for cheap bullets - certainly good enough for range practice. I loaded up the rounds in increments of 38, 40, and 42 gr. of IMR 4350. 

Results are intriguing, anyways. The brass all looked fine with no signs of pressure and ejected easily. For my next trip, I will repeat the regimen only with a chronograph this time. I have room to bark up the charge weights if I have to... but why bother if you are getting the velocities? 

If you see these bullets kicking around and you are wondering if they are worthwhile... I would say that based on my limited experience... go for it! 

As for Pete - lest you be feeling sorry for him and my rude treatment of him - he got me back in spades. I was surfing for ammo deals on the net and found a supply of these at a local store. They had 700 rounds in stock. While I sat dithering about it... somebody bought the lot and cleaned them out. Guess who the culprit was on that little caper? 

I guess Pete and I are now even....   :)


  1. How do you measure? Your best group is at least 1 1/2 inches.

  2. The inner square on that target is 1" - you can get these and print them out from

    It is deceiving; I looked at them through the spotting scope and thought they were at least 1-1/2" or more...

    I tell no lies!

  3. I've got primers, Lapua brass, and a decent supply of AR2208. Its finding decent projectiles thats hard here at the moment. Normally use Hornady 139 gn SST's but locally I just can't get them. Ever used Barnes TTSX's on deer Glen / Stubfarts? I'm thinking of using the light 120gn and maybe even 110 gn TTSX's from my 7-08 Rem. I will not shoot game unless I am certain of shot placement, which means within 200 yards, so velocities will be still high. The deer species are Fallow & Reds.

    1. I would try them, A. You probably know all this but for the tards in the cheap seats: you can kill game animals two ways:
      - a big, heavy slow moving bullet
      - or a blazing fast small one
      I have fallen into the small projectile/blazing speed camp with the provisio that you are using a proper bullet for the application. My pet load for deer with my old 25-06 was an 85 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip moving at around 3400 FPS.

      I've shot deer with the 25 and .308. I have personally seen others shoot them with .303 Brit, 30-06, 7mm Mag, 300 Mag, 6.5x55, and probably some others... but NOTHING kills deer like a hot loaded 25-06. My bullets never punched through the animal - they dumped all their kinetic energy into it and it was instantaneous 'lights out'. Most didn't even kick.

      Nowadays I will shoot whatever I can lay my hands on and not really worry about it. Like you, I am very picky about my shots and will pass on low percentage shots - which probably accounts for my alot of my success with the 25 more so than ballistics.

      I am more a Nosler and Sierra guy than a Barnes guy. I hate and loathe Berger bullets with the heat of 1000 suns and cannot make them shoot for me personally in my guns... but I have seen others that do great with them, so whadda I know?

      As long as you know where to aim, and can put the bullet on the money... you can pretty much count on putting them down without them going very far.

    2. Thanks for the feedback Glen - its always better to ask & find out from people who have been there & done that.

      None of my mates have used Barnes projectiles very widely. Some swear by them, others complain about "icepick" type wounding where the projectile punched through and didn't open.

      My thinking (after reading as much about it from the Barnes website) is that a light-for-calibre projectile like 110gn - 120gn for my 7-08 moving quickly (ie at close range -DEFINITELY - under 200 yards) should see the projectile opening and the animal expiring as humanely as possible - with minimal lost meat. Our beautiful game animals are so precious, its a privilege to be allowed to take one for food.

      Great to hear about your 25'06. My deer rifle shortlist was 25'06, 270 win & 7-08 when I bought my rifle. No-one I knew had a 25'06, so I have never used one. Not legal for Sambar in the state with our largest Sambar population but legal for everything else here. The 270 is Sambar-legal with 130 gn projectiles but was too loud for my soft old ears with a 22" barrel (the muzzle blast made my ears ring despite plugs & muffs), while the 7-08 is practically a ballistic twin of the 270 and legal for all species of deer. Much quieter as far as muzzleblast goes with the 22" barrel.

      I haven't taken an animal with it yet but will let you know how she performs. She's kind to both the shoulder and my soft old ears. Hopefully she'll be perfect deer medicine with those light Barnes projectiles.