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Monday, 20 June 2022

The European "Cuntocracy"

 Sorry for the profanity, folks - but that term isn't mine. It was coined by The Z Man. Put a pin in this one because we have to talk about it in terms of the latest ass-hattery coming out of the 'Kraine. Z is not a man given to profanity. Even he is getting nervous about the situation in the Kraine.

So I've had a chance to review maps and data of this latest round of "Russian aggression" and indeed - Matt Bracken is right on target as usual. Depending on the stupidity of our leaders (ours, repeat, ours - NOT the Russians) this does indeed have the makings to drag us into the next world war. Let's look at the map, lads, and see if we can't suss this out ourselves.

You guys! Double check me, I am still in the preliminary info gathering stage of all this - so if I am telling any whoppers, let's correct it in the comments!

Kaliningrad is a Russian Oblast (which is the same as a state or province, maybe). It is primarily Russian by population, the official language is Russian, and the population is loyal to Russia. Lithuania and Poland are hostile to Russia and with good reason - the atrocities of the second world war, the oppression during their years as Soviet Bloc buffer countries - have left these guys with murderous  malevolence toward Russia, and all this latest kerfuffle is - to them - is another provocation. Below Belarus and not on the map - is the 'Kraine. Belarus is loyal to Russia and they have troops fighting alongside the Russians in the 'Kraine... and they are not screwing around. There are rumours of them committing atrocities against the Ukes as they have their own axes to grind with them too. The Kaliningrad Oblast is home to the Russian Baltic Fleet and there is a significant presence of ground troops in the Kaliningrad area as well. Chances are we now know more than our leaders do about the geopolitics of it!

And the idiots in Lithuania, Poland and the EU thought it would be a great way to flip off the Russian Bear by cutting it off and trying to isolate it. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder what is going to happen if the Euros decide to get stupid about this....? Bueller? Bueller? Go back to sleep, General Aesop!

Yep. Now we see why Bracken is chitting bricks. Sure, a mouse can roar, but he’d better have something to back it up or he is lunch for the bear. Vlad won’t sit still for that, nor will the Belarusians. All those tanks that General Aesop says that Russia hasn’t got will start showing up on the Lithuanian border along with that of the Belorussian’s own…and now Biden has TWO very expensive retarded orphans to protect. Three, if the Poles get stupid. Vlad has told us repeatedly that the next war will not be fought on Russian soil. He has not made one idle threat so far, so far he has followed through on everything he said. What in hell are our leaders thinking? I think I have a sneaking suspicion.

These are some of the the defence ministers of Europe. Which brings us to the subject of “cuntocracy”. None of these women earned their stripes and they are all bubble headed ditzes and affirmative action flunkies. I’ve seen it when women goad men, and it NEVER ends well. 99% of all spousal abuse cases involve two idiots fighting and the smaller, weaker idiot losing. Men that get pushed to far by women will either commit suicide, or a murder suicide. I can see why Matt and other analysts are worried. These morons are in a position to drag the whole world to war and are dumb enough to think Vlad sit still snd take their BS.

Russia does not cripple its military or leadership with wahmen, faggots,  trannies. Put it this way, if these guys were in politics over here, bitches like Clinton and Turdo would be pushing up daisies, Obama would be shining shoes, and the Bushes would be the butlers and limo drivers. These men are blooded killers and in some cases, thugs themselves. 

If we aren’t careful, our cuntocracy will will put us into a position to win some seriously stupid prizes.


  1. Your map is wrong. Kaliningrad goes only half as far to the East than shown. You must go through Lithuania to get there. Hence the problem.
    Other than that - glad you understand. This is a big deal.
    Now we see the new U.K. General Sir Dumbass preparing his troops for WWIII... and saying so.

  2. Maybe it's a Freudian slip as when Putin gets done either they apologize and reopen that supply OR the NEW Kaliningrad will look just like that.

    Or the world gets a lot of canned sunshine. Dealers choice.

  3. Vlad takes Lithuania...........................count on it.

    1. Problem is - Lithuania is a member of NATO. NATO is trying to goad Putin into war. Bad puupuu.

  4. Glen.
    Kalingrad was East Prussia for centuries. Home to Otto Von Bismark and always German. It was destroyed in 1944 and the Germans were forced out. The Russian speaking people were moved to there after WW2.

  5. At the end of War II, General Patton told President Truman to give him (Patton) the green light and he'd take Moscow, AND he'd make it look like the Russians started the fight.

    Patton was killed in an auto accident shortly thereafter.

    What isn't generally mentioned is that President Truman wouldn't have been president of anything except his own haberdashery if it hadn't been for T.J. Pendergast, notorious bootlegger and gangster on a par with Scarface Al Capone. Truman was Pendergast's haberdasher, and TJ offered to get him into politics. Once he was President, Truman dropped his old friends like a live grenade.

  6. Kingdoms are ruled by kings. Countries are ruled by...

  7. The old Polish corridor to Danzig in 39 has been replaced by the Lithuanian corridor for 22. World War starts here or in the Balkans.

  8. You’re right on the money Glen. The Rooskies take their legal niceties very seriously. That’s why they give the US a final way out last December to prove to world opinion that they tried all options first.

    A funny thing about all these leading witches - they are childless and hence no skin in the game. We blokes learn that a smack in the mouth teaches best manners. They have no idea of conflict de-escalation. Let’s see if anyone in NATO can ‘man up’ and get then them to back down.

    In all the sources I’ve read so far on this the term ‘blockade’ is being used. That’s as subtle as it gets. NATO will FAFO as they didn’t learn the last time. The Russians did warn them that their decision making centres will find out the hard way

  9. Been a nice life while it lasted. Appears things are finally getting to the point where a false flag is imminent. It seems they have literally tried everything else to provoke open warfare against Vlad.

    The average Lithuanian must know their sons are going to get slaughtered in a meatgrinder. Is this coming from their politicians or the average man on the street? Might be a distinction that saves us because the media never lies, right?

  10. Thanks for all the insights, men! There is a lot to unpack and debate here. If NATO gets bogged down in Europe, Americans will go to the poor house, China will make a go at Taiwan, and every rogue nation will be having a field day. The only good thing out of it will be the death of Globohomo.

    We are being betrayed by our rulers.