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Thursday, 9 June 2022

They Aren’t Screwing Around

 Ayep. You can kill a bear, but when you take the shot, you’d better not miss. If you are going to mess with that Russian Bear… the bear is going to mess with YOU. Count on it. It will come as a shock to the Establishment, but Vlad and his Russians don’t give a hoot what the fakes and gays of Twitter and Hollywood think about them. They just shrug and laugh. “International courts? What are those, and why should I care?” Vlad will ask. The only hope for survival for these men will be a possible prisoner exchange. Vlad will get the best of that too, or he won’t deal.

Oh, look: Somebody who IS screwing around just got busted. another frickin woman making fake tape accusations. But…but…but…we’re supposed to believe all women, right!?!? But in this case it’s alright - she was only lying to juice weapons donations from the west. Nothing to see here, General Aesop says it’s okay…

I remain convinced. One side in this conflict is completely, utterly fake and gay. The other is mission oriented, determined and utterly ruthless when necessary. This will only end one way.

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  1. And she just bought a $10m home in Switzerland courtesy of Biden-