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Thursday, 23 June 2022

Up Your Ass, Stephen

 I get Stephen Hawking’s militant atheist mindset. He was a scientist - one of the world’s best… and science and faith are old enemies. But Stephen seemed to have a serious hate-on for Christianity that went way further than mere scientific objections. He was downright malicious with it.

If God put me in wheelchair with a debilitating disease like that… I’d be bitter as hell too. The wife opined that maybe he was put in that chair as a way to focus his intellect on the work he was meant to do - who knows what he might have been had he not been bound to that chair? He might have even turned out to be a stupid old stubfart, HAR HAR HAR! Questions like that go way above my pay grade. Regardless, while I enjoyed Hawking as an author… I found myself taking an intense disliking to him. So it was that I laughed when I saw this one on Blab.

What goes around comes around I guess.
Hopefully Stephen is in
a better place.


  1. The question that comes up a lot is, if there is a God, and He is omnipotent, why would He (insert difficulty here). The answer is - He wouldn't, and He didn't. The Lord loves you, me, and everyone else, and He's sad when we come to harm.

    The evil one is a different story. The evil one and his minions hate me, hate you, hate everything with a diabolical hatred that we can't really comprehend. The evil one is happy when we suffer.

    So why does the Lord allow it? Sometimes it's because the Lord wants other people to see that suffering won't destroy our faith. Other times it's for reasons that are hugely important to other people, but not important to we who suffer. Most times I, personally, don't know. I just take my lumps, pray to the Lord, and move on. I do the best I can with what I have, and that's it.

    I suffered a serious illness recently and spent five hours in absolute agony. Most of my time was spent praying, and the five hours passed very quickly for me. The evil one hates it when I pray to the Lord.

    I hope Hawking made it to Heaven. Eventually I'll find out for sure.

  2. It wasn't "science." It was Hawking. Even Einstein looked at the mechanism that is Earth, and said hat there was something bigger at work than evolution and chance...

  3. Science and Faith are not enemies. It was men of Faith that invented Science and the Scientific method. It is only people without faith that think that they are at odds.

    1. I respectfully disagree, Greg. I see a war on Christianity and all too often, the men and women on the front lines are academics and scientists.

      Hmmmmm. They seem to be destroying each other too; church attendance is diving… and only an idiot trusts the science anymore after debacles like Covid, environmentalism and all the junk science flops.

      You are right though - they SHOULD be complimentary in a perfect world…

  4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Thats Great!

  5. Mr. Hawking was indeed a great scientist. No argument there, one of the truly gifted. However, as an atheist, he was obsessed with a hatred of Christianity. I can't speak as to what or how his thoughts influenced his research. But being a Christian I have to wonder if he discarded a grand plan that was put in place not randomly but as a planned course by a GOD that we believe in. The Divine organization of the universe and all that we know was laid out to be discovered by us. Nothing happens by chance.On a universal scale it is planned. What happens when you get to the end of our known universe.We finally made it to the edge What now. Now what. What are we gazing at now. Everything can be explained by physics which will lead to a Divine intervention. There is no random shuffling of the cards in the universe that will explain beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are here by chance. Just like that. a freak of nature. One in a million, probably like more than one in a trillion or more. Pure unadulterated scientific research will reap the answers to our questions. That is all it takes.


  6. Everybody geniuses and idiots alike have their blind spot.

    The smarter ones are lucky to listen to friends tell them about it.

  7. Science and Christianity were allies up until the Jews took over science in the late 19th century.