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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Wrong Message For Wrong Times?


The warrior poet and and philosopher king has poasted another one that has bunged up my carburetors and left me vapour locked and mentally constipated. I am going to go ahead and say it, and not in a sarcastic or rancorous way. In all honesty, TB is an intellectual. Were it not so, I wouldn't give a post like this one the time of day. He wants peace, common sense, and stability. So do I, incidentally. 

I may have taken that post personally because some have accused me in the past of viewing the doings of the world as some kind of cheezy video game, who doesn't think about the ramifications of what he says. There are times when that is true; but for the most part... I don't think so.

The instability of our recent and current events are nothing new. We in the west have been sewing the seeds for increasingly erratic and chaotic relations between us. I almost fell over the other day when King Peter and Queen Mary said over coffee, "What's up with the queers? They've gone off the fricken deep end!!!" They are both shitlibs - but they are mature enough to hear other opinions. I have been saying for 25 years that they were flat out nuts, but was always written off as a homophobe or eccentric loon. Back in the late 90s I got banned from internet forums like clockwork for saying that if we let the queers out of the closet, the trannies and pedos will eventually get out too... and here they are. They are wanting their rightful place in our society - ideally as teachers in elementary school where they can teach children to question their sexuality and prey on them. Our public schools are literally moron and pervert factories that indoctrinate rather than educate. My own daughter fell victim to them. Public schools are no longer worth the time of day. Our mass media has also fallen. I remember when you paid subscriptions to them to consume their content because you could rely on it to portray a reasonable summation of current events and the players involved in them. Today they can't sell a subscription to a rational adult and serve as a propaganda arm Globohomo   Inc. If those guys tell the truth, it's either an accident, or because it is in line with their agenda. The courts...? HAR HAR HAR! Law enforcement? The real law officers started boiling  off years ago through early retirement. Most today are flunkies and affirmative action hires that are in for the cushy pensioned retirement and that's it. The medical profession destroyed its own credibility with the Covid scam.

These institutions used to be centrist in nature; they carried authority and used it to maintain stability, keep the peace, and deal with the dangerous and malevolent. Today they do nothing of the sort. Consider: in the US, the supreme court just made landmark rulings on guns and abortion. The next day, prominent politicians and hordes of shrieking lunatics were promising violent protest, non-compliance and mayhem. I make no claims of moral superiority; I will resist any immoral impositions of the state too - right up to and including violence if I am pushed to it. 

I am not sure if I agree with myself on moderate centrism either. I hear people all the times pretending they are above all the doings of our current age, scolding both sides and making pretensions to be the voice of reason. I have nothing against preachers or idealists - but the argument can be made that these are the guys that brought us to all this. They continually preach about restraint, maintaining the peace, making conciliatory gestures and reaching a compromise. Well... what kind of compromise can I arrive at where my adversaries want to teach my child to question his or her sexuality? That want them to consider sex changes... at the age of five or six? What kind of accommodation can I arrive at with a person that wants me disarmed because they or their kids are too messed up to be trusted with a gun? How can I reconcile with a church that wants to put gays and feminists and marxists in charge of their morals and ethics? All my life, people that proclaim themselves to be my moral and intellectual superiors have told me to do just that. If we had settled with these lunatics ages ago, and stood our ground - none of this would be happening today! There is a point where preaching and idealizing becomes so much sanctimony. Shaddup and bake the cake, you Christian bigot!

Yannow what? Fuck you. 

Peaceful separation from types like that is also ludicrous. These people don't want a home or community or a family of their own - they want yours. If they can't have that, they want you to pay for whatever they cobble together for themselves. Too bad the value of your money is being inflated away for that, inninit?

I'm sorry... but empty preaching and moralizing doesn't cut it anymore. There is no high road to take that will get us out of here. If there was, Globohomo would cut it off. The last moral high road that could have taken away from what faces us was obliterated with the passing of Reagan and Thatcher.

With each deferred and forfeited fight we dodge, our choices get ever narrower. You can live in the coming world as it is - or get taken out. If it comes to that, there will be no safety in the sidelines. 

But... whadda I know? I am not a preacher or a moralist... I am a realist as much as a guy like me can be one. If you know better - leave it in the comments and educate the rest of us. 


  1. "sowing the seeds" not "sewing the seeds". Sorry, the grammar Nazi in me snuck out again. ;-)

    1. Oh but he was referring to the ancient dictum to "sew the seeds" into the hem of the garment so you were ready to engage in the flight component of "fight or flight."

  2. We are beginning to see some people run for office that sound like they are sincere in fixing the broken government. Of course, others have promised to do so in the past, only to drink the uni-party koolaid once they got elected, and then compromised (surrendered) to the leftists. But, even if this new crop proves to be the real deal, they will be the minority group of politicians, and won't be able to deliver what they hope to.
    It is too late now to do what was really needed to be done decades ago.
    Personally, I am just sitting back waiting for the Mad Max world that is likely to come from all of this.

  3. Dadgum, Glenn- that was well done. A mouthful, but well done. I'm just hanging around waiting on time but can be useful if shit gets pushed too far left. Your tome sounds nearly desperate. Nearly. Looks like we have the "short straw" but it can be a motivator. Get mad - Get even.

  4. My wife and I had just come from a visit with our neighbor where we discussed just such matters. When things go sideways, as I fear they will, people have to understand that when you are in a fight against evil, there are no rules. All these so-called Christians believe they are here for a purpose. I don't think their maker sent them here to be cannon fodder. Hard decisions will have to be made. Decisions that will require clear, logical thinking. If you dare decide with feelings, you won't be in the fight long. If you turn the other cheek, you'll get your jaw broken at the very least. I share the frustration you are feeling. Hell, a few million of us are feeling the same ! We don't know what to do UNTIL the unraveling begins. In the meantime, preparations of the mind and hardening of the heart is as important as stacking beans and bullets.

  5. Peaceful separation is only possible if all parties involved want peace. Ditto with any compromise, although to be fair, any compromise with the Liberal Left generally means that you, the retarded right, will do things my way - but we'll call it something else, and we'll forgive you for being a racist homophobe with homicidal tendencies and poor impulse control. Now give me that gun before it gets loose and hurts someone!

    If I'm still alive when the shit hits the fan, I'll load up and wait for everything to blow around and settle down. If anyone really wants an example of what to expect, just look at hurricane Katrina in New Orleans for a real life example. This shows what happens, so plan ahead.

    I've got three places I can relocate to if my house is destroyed, and I've got the means to get there.

  6. I have gotten in touch with old friends, psychopath and sociopath, Every one of us have these friends reside in them, some are close to the top, some are buried as civilized men and women are hopeful to stay buried. I am the man you are you want. I see no middle ground, no compromise. We as moral men have been pushed as far back as we can, no other point except to push hard forward. They have to be removed.

  7. I could write a pretty long screed about the topics raised in this post; I won't, don't worry. But since you are a follower of the Lord, Mr. Filthy: Mat 5:9 "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." Note is says "peacemakers", not "peaceful". It is an action, not a passive waiting.

  8. You already know these people hate you. So hate 'em right back. It works well enough for me, most of the time.

  9. Yannow fellas, I just think that sometimes I think you're better off having that fight rather than letting things slide. The bad guys in these things see that you aren't willing to fight - so they come back and push you back again. And again. And again. And - if you let them keep doing that... eventually you will feel that wall at your back. And those people that pushed you there? They are going to be bigger, nastier, and more demanding than when they started.