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Sunday, 31 July 2022

Sunday Hubris

God may have made milk and honey - but men made duct tape and 5 minute epoxy!

I LOVE 5 minute epoxy!  I suppose I should have all of them but since I usually know where I’m going before I get there, I usually don’t need the extra cure time of the longer setting epoxies. I still like to let my stuff cure for 24 hours but man - once this stuff sets, the materials it bonds with will usually fail before the epoxy does.

And… yup. Project Turd Bird is back on the burner. The Ugly Stick build process is fairly simple but there are elements of the design I hate - like having rubber bands hold everything together. That is a great feature if you crash a lot… and since I don’t (knock on wood) I am permanently fixing wings and gear and such and the fitments for that are rapidly going over my skill level. Sometimes there’s only one way to get those skills so… if I mess it up, no biggie. I will learn from my mistake and recover. I hope.

I’m trying to scrounge a .65 size engine. Scotty gave me an OS .55 but I think the bearings on it packed it in. Flaps has an old Evolution I might be able to score. I am going to need the horsepower. My tutor on JewTube likes reinforcement… and that means weight. I don’t think I need to go as crazy as he did but whatever. 

I will get this pig in the air! Hopefully before the snow flies.

Roe vs Wade Debate - Start To Finish


Feeling Your Age Yet, You Old Fart?


I am old enough to remember the days when nobody had cable TV. Nevertheless, Pop broke the family bank to buy a colour TV and was one of the first guys in the neighbourhood to have one. We had three channels: CTV, CBC, and fwench CBFT. I grew up watching the astronauts ham it up for the cameras by golfing and dancing on the moon. Adults told me I would grow up and be able to do those things myself.

There was a poast on Blab where the meme was "Back in the 50's and 60's it was possible to raise a family and own a home on one income. According to the meme - all that was stolen from them. I almost wanted to chime in and correct that: it was not stolen - we (and you kids) threw it away.

In those days the average family home was around a 1000 sq. ft. or less. The high rollers might have gone 1500 ft. Often they had one car garages with dirt floors. My grandparents at the time had a respectable home for their times - about 750 sq. ft., a single car garage and a tiny garden. Grampa had the world's coolest lawnmower - a Toro that with (I think) a recoil starter. Ya wound it up, flipped a catch - and the spring unloaded and started the mower. Grampa kept that thing cleaner than I keep my motorcycle. His garage wasn't much bigger than my playhouse garden shed.

I don't think anyone in those days saw us becoming the seriously evil people we are turning into today, though. 

Running Low On Popcorn Here, Boss…


Welp, Vlad drew his line in the sand. That’s been a debacle ever since Creepy Joe stepped over it. And now China is daring The Yanks too - and the line appears to be in Taiwan.

I just shat the bed on the disaster in the ‘Kraine. To me it was simple: Vlad wanted three things in that: a demilitarized Ukraine, NATO off his borders, and for the Kraine to abide by the trade agreements they signed. All of that was reasonable, they should have cut a deal and been done with it. I didn’t think that one as going to go kinetic.

I see a lot of elderly people that pick really stupid fights. They do it in situations like these where there really doesn’t have to be one. They can’t help it, their mental faculties are in decline and their judgement goes. They start living in their own heads, believing their own bullshit - and the world passes them by and leaves them behind. The hell of it is some folks start losing their marbles in their old age and others are clear eyed and sharp minded till the day they pass.

But we aren’t allowed to judge anymore. Some old folks are mentally sound so we have to assume they all are. Some blacks are not violent impulsive morons so we must assume they are all good. Some queers are actually respectable people that want to be left alone, so we must accept them all - even the pedos that want to molest your kids in elementary school. Without morals and values, everything is on the table now.

I’d like to think Pelosi’s handlers have her on a short leash and will not let her start something that Uncle Sam can’t finish. We’ll see shortly I guess.

What’s Gonna happen? free polls

The Filthie Minimilist


Saturday, 30 July 2022



When I was a kid summer was officially over when the second cut of hay came off. Sure, it was still warm after that, but the sun started going down earlier and on cooler mornings you could smell the fall coming. When I moved into the house we are currently in, the official end of summer is marked by the big show & shine across the street in the church parking lot across the street. For one glorious day in August, this place turns into Thunder Road and metal gods own the road. They bring in bands, ethe tailgate BBQs fire up and everything is free.

I’ve always wondered about it. If you want a hot rod motorcycle you can walk into the nearest Harley shop and buy one right off the show room floor. Then they have all the genuine HD farkles, sparkles and bolt-on accessories. For some reason they never did that with cars - or at least, not at prices the average Joe could afford. (I dunno about you but I could never justify the cost of a Prowler or Viper.

When the time nd of summer rolls around it’s always too soon.

I’m Liking This

 I’m a big fan of single shots and could get by handily without repeaters in the field. People yap and drone about ballistics and don’t realize at all how much power standard chambering actually develop. If you are picky about the shots you take a single shot will do ya just fine.

This one reminds me of the custom jobs that some of the gun geeks at Cast Boolits. Some of those guys are so talented that they make their own guns from bars of steel and planks of wood. I wish I had more info on this one…but a pic is all I got.

Saturday Morn Erratum, Rude Jokes & Ignoratta


Friday, 29 July 2022

The Filthie Fisherman


The fish I lie about catching…

The fish people think I catch…

The kind of fish I actually catch…

Outstanding Podcast - Via Matt Bracken

 Welp - Peterson and Yon are just absolutely cheery about the prospects ahead, aren't they? But they've put together a stellar presentation.

I've seen this before and so have you. General Aesop and Peter Grant are much the same, they are experts in everything, and guess what - we're all gonna die. I tend to yawn and go back to sleep when those guys are gobbling in fright and telling me the sky is falling. Chinkypox is gonna kill us all and we're all gonna die. The warble gloamers are pished because we all shoulda died 20 years ago from a heat wave that would melt the polar ice caps. They're still pushing that fiction and literally destroying the our food supplies and supply chains to support it. 

When I was a little fella there was this Big Kid that knew everything and he'd tell us monster and spook stories that would keep us little ones awake at night and give us nightmares. Did you have one of those in your childhood? Some kids never outgrow that. I wonder if it doesn't give rise to a feed-back loop? Those idiots tell their ghost stories to frighten the sheep, the fear gets reflected back at them, and that makes them start to believe their own bullshit?

Bracken, Peterson, and Yon are a different stripe of cat. I think what they are giving us in this cheery presentation is a vision of what CAN happen, if a lot of things continue to go horribly wrong. It's obvious at this point that a correction is coming, and we cannot get by with the leaders we have. Up here in Canada I will be surprised if Turdo survives the next election. The Americans are going to shitcan the democrats in the next election too. Yeah - I know we are not going to voat our way out of what's coming. Our world is going to change no matter what. Old world Canada and America are gone and they won't be coming back. But we are taking small steps and we are scoring the odd small victories here and there. I choose to see a lite at the end of a very dark tunnel. But the fact of the matter is it won't take all that much to save ourselves. We could probably put this behind us for good if we simply shot a few politicians as a warning to the rest, and stopped electing clowns, queers and pedos. 

There are two kinds of stupidity in the minds of men. There is that which is hardware related - in order for the software to work, ya need the hardware to run it - and for whatever reason some folks don't have the IQ for it. Then there is the deliberate stupidity - like that of our faggot faced prime minister. That malicious little prick goes far out of his way to maintain his fictions and undermines and attacks those who preach common sense. 

Deliberate stupidity is a problem that always resolves itself, one way or the other. We can check it now, or let Darwin and Murphy do it for us. I'd like to think that enough of us are smart enough and courageous enough not to leave this to Darwin and Murphy... and that we have the guts to start pushing back against the idiocy and lunacy that has swept through our ruling class. 

We will know shortly... sooner, rather than later.

At Some Point, Ya Gotta Start Wondering Who Your Friends Are

 Apparently the Ukes are shelling Russian POW camps and effectively killing their own people - the Ukranian prisoners. The Russkies are no saints or choirboys by any stretch... but that takes even them aback a bit. On Telegram, is assures the Russian people that they are killing the right guys in this spat in the 'Kraine. I tend to agree but whadda I know.

In other news the Germans are turning off the hot water as they try to conserve gas. If they were smart, all the Euros would be farting in jars right now as the prep for winter. Their glorious leaders don't have to worry about heat and food and other necessaries. They are willing to fight to the last Ukranian... are they willing to start killing their own people too?

We are going to find out I guess. I just wonder about the infrastructure of all that. With gas and oil, you just don't close the valve, turn out the lights and walk away. If you mothball the plants and the complex delivery and distribution systems... bringing all that back on line will not be as simple as turning the lights on and opening the valve. And - if pipes and plumbing start to freeze....? But that is dirt people stuff I guess. Our superiors and powers that be don't have to worry about heat, and food and water or money - so it's all good, I guess!

Hope ya having a great Friday and thanks for dropping by.

Womanly Arts

 The womenfolk in my family tend to be artistically inclined and Grandma was a formidable cross stitcher and embroideress. My wife isn’t bad either. But that…that shines. Most guys won’t see or appreciate what’s going on here. Shading and hues…with thread? How do they do it? Doing it with paint is child’s play by comparison, and most “artists” can’t do that, never mind something like this.


King Peter is an acreage owner who bought a brand spankin’ new Kubota tractor years back. It was a beaut with a PTO and three point hitch, front end loader, dual ranges, power steering and some farkles. Earlier in the summertime the hydraulic pressure began to fluctuate and cause problems. It had to go back to the shop in Edmonton - twice - and they had to crack the tractor in two to get at the problem.

By contrast I’ve seen guys like me (with my meagre mechanical talents) haul one of these rusted Fords out of a field somewhere and rebuild them to showroom condition. It used to be a profitable hobby round here for awhile. Acreage yuppies would pay through the nose for them because they need something bigger than a lawn tractor but smaller than your big ag tractors. The little tractors garnered real snob appeal with the yuppies that coveted the quaint tractors as functional lawn ornaments.

Nowadays, these little tractors are no longer bargains. On one hand it is good to see them as cherished antiques… but sad to see the passing of their era.

Filthie’s Arty-facts

Most archeologists and laymen tend to think our ancestors were capable of brilliance, wit and reason. But no, sadly… they were retards just like we are today. I was readin that the tall foreheads found what they believe is the oldest joke. Seriously - it was written in Sumerian in cuneiform B and went like this:

A dog walks into a bar and says,

“I’ll open this.”

The joke is so old that it’s sadly lost on us today. Was it a Dad Joke, a Rude Joke or a knee slapper? We’ll probably never know. 

I wanted to read Don Quixote because I’d heard it was full of awful jokes and ignorattae so I bought a copy translated to English… and it was a complete drear. All the jokes had to be explained in footnotes. Some of the humour was lost in translation and the rest lost in time. I didn’t have the cultural frame of reference to appreciate it.

It makes ya wonder how much we lost. Do we have ALL the works of the Bible? How accurate are our perceptions of the ancients and their works? Their motivation and intent? History is being rewritten and revised before our eyes… by retards, ironically.

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Give Us This Day


A Portrait Of Bravery


I guess everyone is up in arms because Zelensky and his wife took a break from burning up $5 billion a month, and countless lives fighting Russia. And losing.

I have big problems with this mutt but PR is not one of them. Soldiers and civvies in war need to keep morale up and leaders schtump for the cameras all the time. If the sight of those two in a fashion magazine gives the Ukes a bit of a lift in these dreary days, I have no problem with it. Although I am rootin’ for Putin, I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people. 

On telegram, the Russians trucked out this 16 year old soldier that they shot up in a firefight. The kid was lightly wounded but absolutely heart broken and furious. Kids like himself are sent to fight the Russians, but the kids of the leaders all get a pass. The Russian interviewing him told him, “of course, that’s the way it is! And - do you think Zelensky is going to stick around after we win this war? He has at least 4 mansions in countries around the world!” Of course, that’s the way it works in any country, ours included. 

I think about portraits of bravery - and I think it’s a 16 year old Ukrainian kid, not some political finger puppet like Zelensky. He and his wife are craven, hypocritical grifters and I think the majority can see through it. It galls me that our leaders here are made from the same stuff.

Thunderbox Reading Material

 Well after several years of hard reading I finally made it through Uncle Bob’s porn stash. I’m just give the entire collection to Quartermain because it was just too low-brow for a scholarly man like myself.

Your mind is like your body, men! Ya gotta be careful what ya feed it. We’ll be raising the bar on self improveMINT around here!

Women Of Worth

Well I gotta tells ya… I’m hearing a lot of strange new labels coming out of the lunatic lefties these days. You aren’t just a Christian anymore - you’re a Christian Nationalist if ya talk the talk AND walk the walk of the faith. And to Leftie that puts you right up there with Hitler, Putler and Donald Orange Man Bad!


The other one I heard was “trad-wife” or a traditional wife. She’s a homemaker and does all those icky things that feminists won’t like cook, clean, raise the kids, wipe her arse and shave her legs and armpits! HAR HAR HAR! These are the kind of women to be married and cherished, especially in these dark days.

The Guns Of WL Emery


Fellas I dunno what to make of take-down guns. I suppose these are OK if all ya need is minute of rhino at 15 yards. (The fearless WL prefers to typically shoot them at half that - he likes to tenderize the meat and spice it with burning gun powder). 

I always see the Hollywood snipers shooting variants of these. Bruce Willis will snap together a sniper rifle, make a shot 1700 yards, the take it apart and roll it up in a carpet and escape right under the cops’ noses. I wonder how much precision is lost with these kinds of guns?

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Today's HATE Poast


When I was a kid living at home - if Pop saw our motorcycles the old bastid unfailingly hit the chains with a squirt of WD40. May God rot his balls - the next day our chains would be brown and flash rusted. I don't get it: Dad was a master mechanic that worked on everything from jet engines on down and he was hell on wheels in the mechanical arts. In his day he woulda given guys like Phil and STxAR a run for their money. I wonder if Pop was simply getting back at us for constantly siphoning his gas and stealing his tools?  It's the only thing that makes sense to explain his retarded behaviour. 

WD40 is a marginal solvent. It is a dismal lubricant, and a HORRIBLE protectant. If you have rusty nuts (and what old stubfart doesn't) - I like kroil for that or stubborn carbon deposits. If ya gotta use WD40, it displaces moisture - it doesn't remove it. Wipe your stuff down after using it, and look into specialized lubricant/protectant oils. This stuff is the jack-of-all-trades and when ya get right down to it... it does none of them very well. 

I better go lie down. I got triggered off of AC's poast where he noted bike chains in passing.... and it set me right off and now I'm literally shaking with RAGE!!! I need a Safe Place!!!

Have a great Tuesday you guys and thanks for stopping in.

Leather craft



I think I would like to dislike this blade… but…
the more I look at it, the more I like it in spite of myself….

Rattle Them Pots N’ Pans


Where Are You In The Hierarchy?


When I was just a little one they had a channel where, at night, they’d run old slapstick movies and shorts from the 1920s. Then came the Stooges. I got laughing cramps from them and my dad was convinced I was a retard. Now that I am pushing 60… and I am down at scatological humour.  Is a declining sense of humour a function of aging?

Least I ain’t hit rock bottom….


Variation Of A Meme


Stolen from some dood on Blab.

I dunno how accurate it is either. From what I am seeing in the Dutch protests and the crap coming out of our own idiot prime minister... the morons in the top pic want to destroy the ones in the bottom pic.

Yannow we are ackshully doing pretty damn good! We literally have clowns and morons in charge of our food supply, with their fingers on the FIRE buttons in the nuclear missile silos, in charge of pandemic response... and we are still here! If that isn't proof that God has infinite patience and loves us... I dunno what is.

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Harbingers Of Fall


A little splotch of yellow high up on the tree. Fall is still a long way off but Stubfart Relativity kicks in. For sour old goats, time compresses. Years start to pass in the blink of an eye. There's a few yellow patches on Dawg Island too. 

Out at the airfield things were hustling. The fat old guys aren't much on the ground - but get them in the air and they are sudden death in all directions. Even at this stage of life, a howling engine and flashing wings make the pulse pound a little faster. The big birds came out to play and they tore the sky up from one end of the field to the other. The shithawks that defy me with impunity were driven off in sheer panic at great big war birds and aerobats that screamed across the blue summer sky. There were a few near midair collisions today which only added to the fun and pandemonium. 

Stubfarts: 1
Sea Gulls: 0
Terns, Crows, And Kingfishers: 0

One the road in I nearly broke my nose on my windshield - a bunch of baby kingfishers or whatever those little guys were - scampered out in front of me. They were so tiny and cute. They were so small I am surprised I saw them. When they grow up I will be cursing them and fighting them for air superiority I suppose.

But the snow will be back again before I know it. I better figure out how I am going to make some skis. I'll burn that bridge when I come to it. Outside the oasis of the airfield though, the heat is oppressive. Drivers get cranky on the roads and do stupid things, and the trees and plants bake in the heat and get dry. 

Such are the seasons in Alberta.

No, They Shouldn’t


If those morons we elect did their damn jobs, they’d only have to worry about the kooks. Those are the guys they SHOULD be worried about! But in the US, they locked up grannies, tourists and drunks for taking an unauthorized tour of their capitol buildings. Oh…and an unarmed army vet was murdered by a cop in that one, if I recall… right outside that very room if I have it correctly.

Up here in Canada the EstablishMINT is fuming. The courts forced them to finally release one of the trucker convoy’s organizers on bail. Apparently the housewife and (hork, spit) community organizer was actually a terrorist, and couldn’t be allowed out on bail. She was too dangerous, dontchya know. They were also forced to release that preacher that refused to lock his church up during the chinkpox gong show. Yup. Domestic terrorist, that one. Pull my other finger, fellas.

The other day on Blab, Joe Biden put the fear a Gawd into everyone with a stern speech where he said something to the tune that “you can’t support the cops AND those filthy protesters at the capitol buildings…!!!” I’m sorry…but I just laughed at that old goof as he put on his angry face. No shit, eh, Joe?
Just listening to that stupid old bastard… I felt an overwhelming urge to light a bag of dog pooh on fire, leave it on the Whitehouse steps, ring the doorbell and run away…

There comes a point where ya just gotta disengage. These guys are unhinged, and if you take them seriously and try to be civil with them, they will make you unhinged too. For now we can just agree with them to shut them up and do our own thing, I suppose.

But I will not fear them or serve them. 

Reminds Me...


Has anyone seen world famous explorer, adventurer and great white hunter -
WL Emery?

Monday, 25 July 2022

The Bitter Centurion Spotted


When I was a little guy I really liked Battlestar Galactica with Lorne Green in it. The Cylons ran around in rubber boots painted silver and hockey gloves. Didn't bother me at all - kids can suspend disbelief for a good fun yarn. That was the market the show was aimed at.

I gotta admit I liked the second updated version - although it was dumb as hell too. They "grew it up" a bit because I think the kids today are more sophisticated than we were back in the day. I dunno if the CGI bad guys were any better or worse than the steam powered analog ones though.

But the world moves on, leaving the angry filthy vagrants and bitter centurions behind. Such is the way of things.

Stubfart Ramble: Jesus - Take The Wheel



I remember a 100 years ago that awful country song about some chicken headed woman is on the road with her baby-on-board, and she spins out or something - and as the car is doing 360's down the highway, and Cherlene is praying to the baby Jesus to take the wheel and save them.

Not to rag on Christians - I fancy myself as one of sorts - but that song was so damned stupid it made me want to scream. If it happened to you - would you just throw your hands up and tell God to do the driving and save ya? For me - I will keep driving until either I splatter on the guard rails or I regain control of the vehicle. But hell's bells - that is one dumb country song.

This morn was a deadly serious patrol out at Stubfart Airfield. I decided to transition from my gentle trainer plane to something a little more aggressive - a low wing, tail-dragger aerobat.

One of our junior apprentice fighter pilots is warming up on a Chipmunk
It was a little windy today but wind doesn't bother us RC
guys the way it does for real pilots.

I am not a seasoned RC pilot. I had visions of my airplane doing something stupid, and panicking and gobbling in fright as my fast little fighter plane turned into a lawn dart... my own horrifying "Jesus take the wheel" moment, I suppose. The winds picked up and the sock was straight out... but I went up anyway. 

The tail dragger is an absolute sow on the ground - but in the air it rolls with a snap. It's much faster than Super Dave the trainer plane, and has to land a little faster.. This one moves. At least for me. I went up several times and and now I am running low on delicious cool green nitromethane fuel, HAR HAR HAR! I needn't have worried. I magically didn't lose my chit and have to beg God to save my little airplane. Now I have to start practicing aerobatics. 

Afterwards the single-engined Twinstar was covered in bug guts,
grass clippings and nitro oil. 
I had some scrubbing to do...

Everything went fine, of course. I'd put my time in on the simulator, I was comfortable with the trainer plane, and there were no catastrophic surprises. My landings were even better than the old boy's with his Chipmunk. I am by no means the new Red Baron... but I can control my airplane, and now can start delving into the complexities of pattern flying. Unless something stupid happens like a mechanical failure... I will fly "three mistakes high" as I learn and I should be alright. Good training pays off.


Which brings me round to a foolish poast I did the other day when I was beaking off  about that kid that greased an active mass murderer at the food court and put him away It appears I have to make some clarifications because sometimes I don't speak my mind well. First - I am not trying to denigrate the kid or his shooting. What he did there maybe wasn't basic pistolcraft. Maybe it would be better to call it advanced pistolcraft? Skill is relative. I forget that I am now pushing 60, my eyes and nerves and concentration are not what they were... Could I still make a 40 yard shot? I think I could, but I'd have to get serious about my training. Back when I was shooting at my best, I was in my 30's, I had memberships in three gun clubs, and I was on the range three or four times a week. I had to by a progressive Dillon reloader because I was consuming ammo faster than I could make it on a single stage press. I never really thought of myself as an advanced shooter - I was just a stubfart with a passion for a hobby. I shot better than most folks because I put in the time and effort and thought nothing of it. I read the words of experts and took them to heart. Skills are not graved in stone - put the time in to acquire them, and you will think nothing of them either. 

The other half of that thing shooting incident is mindset. BP brings up the issue on this scholarly poast. Over at the Bitter Centurion JL weighs in. Both of those are good reads. I have done some reading in passing and based what I read, I think combat mindset can be taught IF it is done correctly.

A lot of guys think a 40 yard shot with a pistol is miraculous. No, it's not. You could do it too, but you would have to put the trigger time in.

Yes it can be done.
Yes, guys like you can do it.

These guys are going at it cold. Give them a couple weeks training at these distances and their scores will go up. Practice these shots, and keep your skills up - and if you find yourself in a tactical situation you will revert to your training. At least, most of us would. Combat Mindset is a complex subject and the experts don't agree on it. My knowledge of it is spotty at best. But lack of information should not deter and intrepid stubfart from having an opinion! HAR!!!

I say that you most definitely can - IF you have the commitment, the coordination and passion to do so. The Romans built the deadliest industrial combat machine in ancient history - from the peasantry. They were the best fighters of their day because they were disciplined and fought and trained as a unit. They could think and hold on the battlefield with snarling filthy barbarians right up close and in their faces with very nasty edged weapons. Their training regimen is the stuff of horror stories.

The SEALs, the DELTA's, Rangers.... the frickin Spetznaz do the same. There is nothing magical about any of those guys. They weren't born that way, they were not gifted by God with their abilities. They build their skills one at a time, they practice them, they test themselves and they can shoot bad guys all day long. TRAINED bad guys. Are you going to tell me that if you had skills like these, and were faced with a pimply, zit faced kid with a gun... that you would go weak in the knees, tell Jesus to take the gun, and gobble in fright? Or run and hide? I don't think even General Aesop would do that! I don't think these fellas in the viddeeyahs would either - but I could be wrong.

Aesop was giving me the gears over at BP's as usual and picking on my like he always does, saying I should poast up my score cards and targets. I am astonished that BP allowed such shabby treatMINT of one of his star poasters, to be honest!  I am a gun club duffer and don't shoot as much as I should... but here ya go. That's 20 rounds, 5" group off my hindfeet, all in the black at 25m. In my youth you could probly shave off an inch, maybe an inch and a half off that. If I got off my fat ass and actually practiced... I could tighten them up... but I just don't have the passion for shooting like I used to. I'm going once every couple of weeks now and when I go, I only shoot for fun. Could I make a shot on a man sized target at 40 yards. Sure. You probably could too.

Just a practice target. Slow fire.
At forty yards the group would be likely twice as big but they'd still be mostly
on your chest.

"Now do that in a food court filled with people, and a pamper full of fright, Filthie!!! AND 
a target that shoots back!!!"

Shooting on a two way rifle range is the same as shooting on a one way. The only difference is that 
you have to decide: can you make the shot? If so, ya send it. If not, you find cover
and see what unfolds.

But ya almost certainly wouldn't unload in your tighty whities. 
Have some bloody pride.

Ya won't find out by getting in a flame war on the innernet though. So... get out to the range and don't pracctice - TRAIN. Push yourself, if you're so inclined. Take yourself and your pistol seriously and have fun too. The best weapon you have is the one between your ears - IF it's loaded!



If I gotta listen to it - so do you!


Monday Rude Jokes & Ignorameum