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Friday, 29 July 2022

At Some Point, Ya Gotta Start Wondering Who Your Friends Are

 Apparently the Ukes are shelling Russian POW camps and effectively killing their own people - the Ukranian prisoners. The Russkies are no saints or choirboys by any stretch... but that takes even them aback a bit. On Telegram, is assures the Russian people that they are killing the right guys in this spat in the 'Kraine. I tend to agree but whadda I know.

In other news the Germans are turning off the hot water as they try to conserve gas. If they were smart, all the Euros would be farting in jars right now as the prep for winter. Their glorious leaders don't have to worry about heat and food and other necessaries. They are willing to fight to the last Ukranian... are they willing to start killing their own people too?

We are going to find out I guess. I just wonder about the infrastructure of all that. With gas and oil, you just don't close the valve, turn out the lights and walk away. If you mothball the plants and the complex delivery and distribution systems... bringing all that back on line will not be as simple as turning the lights on and opening the valve. And - if pipes and plumbing start to freeze....? But that is dirt people stuff I guess. Our superiors and powers that be don't have to worry about heat, and food and water or money - so it's all good, I guess!

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  1. Not to mention that German fertilizer companies have announced they are stopping production as to save what natural gas they have for emergencies.

    Not like lack of FOOD around Christmas might be an emergency or anything.

    The US and EU leadership is owned by the World Economic Forum.

    The WEF has no armies, navies or such, they DON'T NEED them, they Hire US Mercenaries to handle their light work.

    Looks like Turdo is following the same set of instructions.

    Got FOOD as in 2 years worth?

  2. I remember a NATO summit where Pres Trump was telling the Germans that they were putting themselves at the mercy of Putin by buying Russian oil and natural gas. The camera panned on the German delegation and they were all looking at Trump like he was an imbecile for saying those words.

  3. Ukranians killing Ukranian prisoners? With friends like that, who needs enemas?

  4. It’s indeed Dirt People stuff. Our owners are highly evolved, highly specialized people. They have high verbal acuity, and are good at making up and telling stories. They are good at manipulating currency, taking over financial systems, monetizing everything and passing risk on to others. They’re good at fomenting conflict and especially “let’s you and him fight.” They’re good at subversion and spreading perversion. But they don’t enjoy doing the actual physical work and planning and scheduled maintenance needed to keep civilization running. In short, they’re high verbal-IQ, shameless, narcissistic parasites.

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  6. It takes 72 hours as a rule to bring a coal fired gen plant up to steam, if everything goes according to plan. Oil refineries maybe even longer. System by system.
    Even if a plant is mothballed, there are systems that need maintenance every so often. Like electric motors need to be turned so the shafts don't take a set. Purging with N2 to prevent rust, etc. That is just the mechanical side. What about people who used to run the place? Hire and train operators takes time. Find people with those skill off the street? Good luck. Back when I was still in the work force there would be wage battles over good folk to come and work for the Big Boys. I guess anyone with a pulse and a clean pee test would be a rock star.

  7. The prisoners are telling their stories, read where the strike was to take them out. I really wonder what countries hand is on those HIMARS triggers, then again I really don't wonder.

  8. Hey Filthie (and the other posters), How does Germany cut off hot water? I only have the American perspective. Utility delivers nat gas, and my water heater makes the hot water. Are there German cities that get hot water delivered from the city government through separate hot water pipes? It seems like the city citizens would eventually buy nat gas or electric home water heaters to replace the city's hot water supply. I couldn't find anybody discussing this in the other blogs. Thank to anyone who can help explain this.

    1. I read somewhere it was public buildings they were talking about. Not much they can do about private homes except tax the shite out of the user.

  9. The Home Depot name is Natural Gas Tank Water Heater for those I confused.

  10. Maybe Ukraine shelled that camp....deliberately or accidentally. Maybe it was the Russians....on purpose or otherwise. No way for us to know for sure as both sides lie about things routinely. The first casualty of all wars is truth.