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Thursday, 21 July 2022



  1. Dunno about that chem-ex coffee filter thingie on the stove - too much like posing for this wet-stubfarter.

  2. yup, it would look better with a old style coffee pot instead of that thing. but other than that, it does look like a place where good meals come from. a honest working kitchen where the food might be simple but good to eat and good for you.

  3. Those are some big floor slabs. The cracks make it easy to sweep the floor clean ? And that is a big a$$ scullery sink there.

    My guess is that this is a communal cooking kitchen. Appears to be designed for easy access for cooking - eating items to be stored in sight.

    1. Yeah I suppose there are some faults with that kitchen and the way it was designed. I wonder how they keep it clean...

  4. I know it was all staged for photography, but...

    I hate hate hate open shelving; it looks great in a designer photo, but not for normal people who have more than 5 plates, or a pile of mismatched glassware, or just a lot of stuff.

    Open shelves also means everything gets dusty and dirty just sitting there. All that servingware under the counter will have to be washed every time you pull it out, or dusted regularly. Not for me.

    I'm too freaking lazy for that,

  5. saw on steve isdahl's web log that canuck solons have made an illegal law that gives them power to take all the possessions of any canadian not kowtowing
    is this true?
    if true it is absolutely illegal
    one of them said if you support President Trump you should also be stripped
    why would a canadian senator have anything to say about the usa president?
    the jaws of hell are expanding in a terrifying way

  6. Looks like it's in Fwance.

  7. Nice kitchen…be a cast iron bitch to keep clean, as has been said. Gotta lose those ugly azz clown lights for sure.