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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Get Your Orders In Men!


Quartermain, Pete, and Cederq!

Hmmmmmmm..... I'm taking the No.1 and No.4 Enfields and the Johnson for sure. And I think maybe the Italian sniper and one a those Russian Nagants...

One a the kids at church got PO'd with me. He's a young fella all about guns and thinks he wants a .303 Brit. When I was his age they kept them in big plastic barrels. Ya picked through them like produce at the grocery store and if one looked good and smelled good - ya took it home for $100.00.  I still remember Smokey The Stubfart showing me his sporterized Enfield... and I drooled over it!!! Today we'd both get horsewhipped for that, and rightfully so! The American guns were more pricey but the Euro crap? They couldn't give it away. 

Only the cagiest gunnies of the day truly understood and appreciated the Euro gems and jewels they picked up for pennies on the dollar. A few even handloaded ammo for them and shot them. The resto of us in my neck of the woods thought they were junk and not worth trifling with.

I traded my Enfield away ages ago... and have regretted it ever since.


  1. No German Mausers.... :(

  2. Once I had quite the collection of Enfields. And the smell of cordite was in the air. Greek 303 was a bargain.

    But a house fire destroyed many years of my toy collection.

  3. Back in 1975 or 1976 I was in the village of Shinglehouse, PA and stopped into a junk/antique store to look around. They had a pretty nice, nonsporterized Krag-Jorgensen for sale for $20. Being rather young and stupid, I took a pass on it because it wasn't something all shiny and modern. Now those things are going for astronomical prices........

  4. I had a No.4 Enfield that was like new. I believe they were trade ins from the Irish. Anyway, with that two piece stock, they weren't suppose to be very accurate. Baloney. Mine shot like a house afire.
    Heavy enough that if you poked some asshole on the end of his nose with the butt, he would leave you the hell alone. I stupidly sold it off when the wife need something shiny.
    As for the ad - I'll spring for the Johnson 1941.

    btw, If you stumble across any White Box Winchester .303 buy it all. It was made for the Irish and is the best 303 ever made.

  5. Thirty years ago I ran into a beautiful No. 4 Mk I in a pawnshop outside Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, during the end of my medical MOS training. I believe it was around $120 if memory serves, and caused a hell of financial fight with my first wife. I still have the rifle.............

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  7. Definitely the Johnson. I already have a 1917 (Eddystone) but what the hell, spares are good. I used to frequent The Old West Gun Room in El Cerrito, CA in the late 70's. One time they had one of these in a floor rifle rack--

    In my callow youth, I did not know that .44 Largo was the Spanish name for 44-40, so I passed.

    Here's a selection from the time machine--

    1. They are pretty much collector guns, right? I have never seen one up here in Canada. If they are here... they are few and far between...

    2. Collector guns? Sorta, maybe. Can't find any handy info on total production numbers. Beyond that, don't know how many made it to this continent. At this point, pretty much unknown except to old stubfarts like us. As you mentioned, there is that whole "foreign" thing (present company excepted). Even now I would buy one more as a shooter than collector.

  8. I pulled a lot of hardware back in the early 2000's. Mostly Mausers: Turks, M48's. Then over to Mosins. They were cheap to feed and were stout. I got two Enfields, but feeding them here in the south was difficult. I lucked out on a 1903A3, that was marked as a Mauser. Great price, but the previous goober drilled scope holes off center. I liked iron sights just fine though...

    Old times....