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Tuesday, 19 July 2022

HK Love



  1. This is the one that never made any sense to me. Big and clumsy. How do you tote the bitch without pulling off your trousers?
    If you hold this Teutonic beast at arms length to shoot it, it is the same length - from rear of shoulder to muzzle - as an M4 carbine.
    That and the fact that HK is famous for looking down their nose at their customers, means hard pass.

  2. Years ago a buddy had HK USP/SOCOM in .45 acp.
    It was registered class 3 because of the suppressor.
    You pumped grease into it.
    Worked somewhat for a few rounds and then grease it again.
    I wasn't impressed by it at all.

  3. I have the HK USP Tactical in 45 - no suppressor. It has been a top tier gun for me. I used to go shooting two or three times a week and cleaned it once a month... and it ran great. I was so impressed with them I bought their SL8 rifle... but that was something of a disappointment. I am well aware of the cool kids and their disdain for HK... but to be honest, I am not too impressed with most of them either, HAR HAR HAR!!!

    Don't put grease in your guns, fellas.

    1. Allow me to clarify, the grease was pumped into the suppressor.
      I agree with you about the quality of the pistol. It was a bit on the big side, but they took care of that by building the smaller version, which sold very well.