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Sunday, 17 July 2022


I gotta admit… in the Euro theatre this little bit of kabuki intrigues me more so than the doings in the Kraine. The issue there is not veggies, although cutting out the gubbimint middlemen, gate keepers, and snivel servants out of that supply chain will be frowned on. 

What has the ruling class in arms is meat. Cows fart, and that causes worble gloaming supposedly. By liquidating 30% of the livestock it saves The Great Earth Mother and - conveniently enough - allows the gubbimint to re-zone the farms that collapse as medium density residential housing areas. More taxes, more projects and construction contracts for connected friends in industry, moar pollution (don’t notice that, you uppity peasant! What are you? A nazi???)

A popular concept nowadays is the the peaceful establishment of “parallel economies.” Gangster govts will tolerate those that don’t cut into their profits or compromise their various grifts. But like any criminal enterprise they will go after you with steel and lead if you poach on their turf. And this is the hell of that: when you ignore genuine evil like this to avoid a fight and preserve the peace, that evil will grow and spread. 

I’d much rather see the Dutch citizens in a firefight than those in the Kraine where we are supporting a govt that makes Vlad’s look like choir boys. 

The times are getting interestinger…


  1. JL, I believe there is enough suppressed anger and resentment in commoner people that we will fight. Changes will be made, in both our countries,, our Founding Fathers took heart and forged a country from the abuses of England, we will now now forge a new country from our own abusers and make safeguards so that can't happen again.

  2. "worble gloaming" I need to start using that. And it's the 'gray economy' that eventually brought down the Soviet Union, as well as all the 'other' lil rinky-dink motherfuckers who, while the -thought- they were on the top, invincible and invulnerable, they suddenly -were not-.

    Ask Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife about that... oh yeah, waitaminute... can't... fucking dead Aye?

  3. We'll fight, but so much can be done in the interim. Grow your own food, hunt, fish, barter. Talk to your local farmers, they are always in need of help for menial tasks. Work for food.