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Saturday, 30 July 2022

I’m Liking This

 I’m a big fan of single shots and could get by handily without repeaters in the field. People yap and drone about ballistics and don’t realize at all how much power standard chambering actually develop. If you are picky about the shots you take a single shot will do ya just fine.

This one reminds me of the custom jobs that some of the gun geeks at Cast Boolits. Some of those guys are so talented that they make their own guns from bars of steel and planks of wood. I wish I had more info on this one…but a pic is all I got.


  1. It is a 308 custom built by Charlie or Charlie 2 for his son. Builders on go in the Hall of Freedom and look at some of the finished gun builds - I am speachless at Charlies hand made Volcanics and CStol338 hand made 2 bore underlever double rifle. They include build pictures from start to finish.

    1. Thanks for the link. That's a very interesting place.

  2. It's a howitzer! Look at that interrupted thread on the breech block! Lovely, very lovely... I think I'm gonna swoon....

  3. Sweet Jesus.
    Daddy Want!!!

  4. You could punch it out to 50BMG. Tree Mike