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Monday, 18 July 2022

Keep Diggin’ Boys…

 I see ol’ Joe went and paid a visit to his allies in the Middle East… with his crap cap in hand - and a jerry can. The Saudis told him to hit the road. Those guys actually expected to find allies among the Saracens, HAR HAR HAR!!! I coulda told Joe that his Israeli friends and prior American history in that region have created something of an integrity crisis… but whadda I know? I voated for Incitatus for senate and probably would do so again!!!


I see General Aesop is still diggin’ his own hole too. Nobody has any idea what the Russians have? Pardon moi, General… but a couple months ago you were telling us EXACTLY how many planes, tanks, and mess kits the Russkies had, and snapping at anyone that questioned you and your assertion that the Russian offence would collapse within days. 

I see also that your Ukrainian finger puppet just hiked his prices. The Kraine adventure was costing America $5 billion a month. Now he says he needs $9 billion/month to keep losing this war. Aaand Autumn draws nearer every single day. The temps will start to go down… and Europe will face winter with no oil or gas. American strategic reserves are dangerously low and probably much lower than the gubbimint will admit. On Telegram the Ukes are committing war crimes and atrocities weekly. How long do you think YOU can hold on, Aesop? Already some food supply chains are starting to break. The Russians aren’t Germans, and this is not 1945. 

And let me school you on artillery, ma’am: those dumb Russian guns and munitions are just as effective as your super duper seekrit smart bombs. Ivan is using cheap hobby drones to correct his arty fire and hits in real time. He doesn’t have to play the Battleship game, because you can no longer hide your assets. Every day Vlad takes your pieces off the board, and every day the Ukes make more demands and lose more equipment. Every day it gets harder for American and European families to pay their bills and make a living.

Sorry, General. My money’s still on Vlad. Joe Biden is as stupid as you are, and Vlad actually has a successful military career and a history of success. He knows weaklings and idiots when he sees them and how to take advantage of them. 

The new world order is taking shape, and it’s not looking good for the the west. 


  1. Well said Mr. Filthy!
    Agree with you, Vlad knows his dope.
    The thing of it is, what you see on the surface is never the true motive. Ukraine is about WW3 and provoking the rooskies, dragging the world into a war to break everything, so's they can build back better... the dead eurasians are just chaff. They want to break the borders, one world gubmint. I agree the war isn't going exactly as planned, but Don't think they didn't plan for that. Vlad _was_ one of Klaus' boys, but he got the boot. Important. He was in the kool kids klub, now he's not, and now they're at war. Hmmmm.
    The Dutch thing is great, they've jumped the shark too early, people have caught on. Its not about emmissions, they want the farmers land. This will turn lethal.

  2. Weren't you one of the guys telling everyone the war was over a couple of months back?

    1. Anonymous Aesop was the one that declared the Russians would be broken, out of ammo and troops and in retreat some months ago. Or that Putin would get a 9mm Q-tip in the ear any time now since the past 5 months or his food tasters were dying, and Putin was near death ad Nasem.

      Aesop must have been molested by the "Evil Putin" somehow with the rad hard on he has for that man.

    2. I did. I expected the Russians to waltz right in there and pound the snot out of the Kraine and be done with them within a couple weeks. I realized quickly that I was wrong on several things.

      - Vlad does not want the Kraine. At most, he wants the Donbas. Ideally what he wants is a seat at the table with the other adults - he even made a formal request to have Russia join NATO. Of course, the response was derisive laughter, and he was told to shut up and keep selling grain, oil and gas to western Europe at bargain basement prices. For the last 8 years he has been telling NATO that if Russia has no place in NATO, they can get their damned tanks and troops off his borders or he would take them off. They ignored him on that too. Finally, he wanted international trade agreements nailed down in stone and enforced - and something done about the Kraine that had become a major trade barrier through corruption and incompetence - that cost Russia 12 billion dollars a year. When he finally moved, Vlad did so with discretion and restraint. If he flattened the Kraine - he would have to rebuild it. Doing so would trigger WW3 and he'd have all of Western Europe after him at once. Given his financial and tactical situations... he could play for time whereas Europe has until fall. Creepy Joe and Aesop don't realize it yet, but Vlad is driving a wedge between America and Western Europe and it will start to break when the snow flies.

      Europe's choice will be an ally on the other side of the world, led by a man who shits his pants, falls down stairs, and forgets where he is. Or they can patch things up with Vlad, do business that is mutually advantageous, with a leader that wants to deal. Were it not for the stupidity of men like Biden and Aesop - this wouldn't be a war at all.

      Unlike the General, I will admit my mistakes and try to learn from them. I have misjudged Vlad and the Russians too. They are not the same people they were 70 years ago. Unlike us, they have actually managed to change for the better in many ways.

  3. Sorry Glen, after a typical acerbic comment by the General I dumped on Aesop over at Bayou asking him where Putin touched him and please use this doll. So, I "Forced Him" to Prove his "Manhood" shit posting about the Russians again. My Bad.

    What is in the crayons that Aesop ate as a US MARINE artillery hero? Decades later he's still pooping Red-White and Blue America's still in the 70's Military POWER in his own mind.

    Never mind the Saudi's just told America to pound sand despite the BRIBE of a Trillion Dollars of support that Biden led off with. Every claim that Biden "Stood Up" to the Saudi Prince is countered by very PUBLIC Media from the Saudis telling the world He's a weak puppet and foolish liar.

    Yeah, America the "Protector of the House of Saud" like Kissinger set up to create the Petrodollar.

    Pretty soon the first major sellers of Treasury bills will dump in the market and like a waterfall the rest rushing not to lose everything and the dollar and all that inflation we dumped Overseas will come home.

    What did Cicero say about the Traitors within? Our government "Leaders" and the EU "Leadership" work for Karl Swab's World Economic Forum" as I told Aesop we are the Mercenary Army for them. They only have the printing press that Russia and China ignore and that infuriates them.

    They care not a whit for you and I, preferring to "Build Back Better" after burning it all down and killing off useless eaters.

    Protect your family and trusted friends. The Irish Times 'O Troubles will be like a kindergarten spat compared to what's coming.

  4. I still think it's hilarious that people like Aesop talk about how many shells Russia has. As if they no longer had the factories to churn out more. (Meanwhile, here in the USA, we still can't smelt lead to make bullets.)

  5. I'm glad you keep laying it on General Assop, I got into a row with him on another site, my comments went something like, anytime anyplace, it was my teams motto, and I live by it. I have no patience for people like him. Keep up the good work for those of us that just want to hand him his arse intellectually of course. Guys like him are always right, know everything cause they read it, and are smart enough to fake the rest to fool many, but not all, debating asshats like him is pointless.

  6. JL nor can I figure Aesop's hard on about Putin.

    Aesop is interesting (that's why I read him) but his major weakness is his thin skin and Ego. I often disagree about someone's opinions, but I try to stop a moment before I drop into name calling aka "Sucking Putin's Junk" and so on.

    I try to remember that words on the screen don't have my voice tone or inflection so can be misunderstood. Example sarcasm is very poorly expressed in typed messages.

    As I messaged Aesop many times before he's a fairly intelligent man once he gets past his own self and ego.