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Saturday, 2 July 2022

Never Really A Fan


All my knives are lock backs except for one. I bought a small folder from Lee Valley because it was a exactly like the one my grandfather carried. He’s been gone since the 70s and passed when I was young… but I saw that knife under the glass and it called to me. It rides around in a leather pocket organizer I made with a penlight and a mechanical pencil. I never use any of it. Usually I have my Leatherman with me anyways. Or my Kershaw.

I sometimes fantasize about being an ordinary Stubfart with grandchildren that I could pawn my stuff off on… but they probably wouldn’t want it either. When I was a young man the sign up in the gun shop was:

Whoever has the most toys 

when he dies wins

That is patently false. Don’t trust the guys at the gun shop when making important financial decisions.



  1. Dad had a smallish Case folder. He kept it razor sharp. I took off the end of my little finger with it once. I've carried a knife since second grade. My buddy's dad gave me an Old Timer in 1982. They used to have a loss guarantee, and I had to use that to replace it a couple years later. That replacement is in my pocket right now.

    I bet I've cleaned 5 cubic yards of dirt out of my finger nails and my kids' over the years. It's shorter by a good bit from sharpening over almost 40 years. But it's still every day carry. I usually carry one or two others for more stringent duty. A Kershaw and / or a Leatherman. Every tool has it's uses. But that folder has been with me through thick and thin and is a trusted friend.

    When I found a knife for a good price, I'd buy it. Throw it in the drawer and use it for a present. I've lost track of how many I've given away...

  2. Don't trust financial advise from somebody who makes money off it.
    Car dealers, bankers, salesmen if any kind...

    1. That is Wisdom...
      Of course the Biggest Crooks, Thieves, Swindlers, Cheats and outright Greedy MF'ers
      are NOT in the Banks, Pawnshops or Gun stores...
      They are the Political Royalty who sit in congress...

    2. My day job is for a federal agency. It's disappointimg and disgusting how much money and time is wasted and how few people actually work towards the stated agency mission.

      I have noticed, however, that the farther one is from DC, the more useful work is done.

  3. My father had a rule: Never accept a knife for free. He repeated that to my brother and to me, and to our sons and daughters. A nickel was his preferred wisdom tax. He never explained the rule.

  4. SgtBob -- I remember that one, too, but same as you, with no explanation. I searched and found the following link. Look at #5 that one is REALLY old/historic.

  5. "....Don’t trust the guys at the gun shop when making important financial decisions."

    RE:Gun shops, car dealers, banks, appliance're playing their game, on their home field, by their rules, and they hired the officials; the visiting team rarely wins, but it is possible to eke out a tie.