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Sunday, 31 July 2022

Running Low On Popcorn Here, Boss…


Welp, Vlad drew his line in the sand. That’s been a debacle ever since Creepy Joe stepped over it. And now China is daring The Yanks too - and the line appears to be in Taiwan.

I just shat the bed on the disaster in the ‘Kraine. To me it was simple: Vlad wanted three things in that: a demilitarized Ukraine, NATO off his borders, and for the Kraine to abide by the trade agreements they signed. All of that was reasonable, they should have cut a deal and been done with it. I didn’t think that one as going to go kinetic.

I see a lot of elderly people that pick really stupid fights. They do it in situations like these where there really doesn’t have to be one. They can’t help it, their mental faculties are in decline and their judgement goes. They start living in their own heads, believing their own bullshit - and the world passes them by and leaves them behind. The hell of it is some folks start losing their marbles in their old age and others are clear eyed and sharp minded till the day they pass.

But we aren’t allowed to judge anymore. Some old folks are mentally sound so we have to assume they all are. Some blacks are not violent impulsive morons so we must assume they are all good. Some queers are actually respectable people that want to be left alone, so we must accept them all - even the pedos that want to molest your kids in elementary school. Without morals and values, everything is on the table now.

I’d like to think Pelosi’s handlers have her on a short leash and will not let her start something that Uncle Sam can’t finish. We’ll see shortly I guess.

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  1. FFS! Why don't we just take Pelosi to Chinatown in her home town of San Fran, let her stagger among the people, the press corps will clip the best shots and replay them relentlessly over and over again on the bravery of Nancy facing down the Chinese, face-to-face.
    She won't know the difference, and it'll all blow over(or be over blown, not sure yet).

  2. I wonder why Pelousy decided she needed to go to Taiwan. Foreign diplomacy is NOT on the House Speakers list of responsibilities. And why did the administration turn a blind eye to her stupid stunt.
    They could have at LEAST ordered the Chair Force to NOT accomodate her forcing her to take a private flight.

  3. Am I the only one who feels that if the Chinese killed the bitch they would be doing us a big favor ? my only gripe is that it should have happened 30 years ago

  4. How about we send her over there and see what happens? Every mine needs a canary. The Potato Head, son and entire .gov are in the CCP's pocket, so what's the problem? It's not like they won't sell EVERYTHING in North America for a few Yuan... I've started practicing a bit of Mandarin so I won't be totally lost. 不会有任何坏处

  5. Just like a good Demmunist, Pelosi revised her schedule to go to Singapore instead of Taiwan, and now claims that it was always that way.