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Saturday, 30 July 2022



When I was a kid summer was officially over when the second cut of hay came off. Sure, it was still warm after that, but the sun started going down earlier and on cooler mornings you could smell the fall coming. When I moved into the house we are currently in, the official end of summer is marked by the big show & shine across the street in the church parking lot across the street. For one glorious day in August, this place turns into Thunder Road and metal gods own the road. They bring in bands, ethe tailgate BBQs fire up and everything is free.

I’ve always wondered about it. If you want a hot rod motorcycle you can walk into the nearest Harley shop and buy one right off the show room floor. Then they have all the genuine HD farkles, sparkles and bolt-on accessories. For some reason they never did that with cars - or at least, not at prices the average Joe could afford. (I dunno about you but I could never justify the cost of a Prowler or Viper.

When the time nd of summer rolls around it’s always too soon.

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