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Saturday, 2 July 2022

Stubfart Airforce


The exhibition flight starts at around 17:30

The fellas started this one a couple months back. It's made out of some strange stryoform variant and they had to master new computer technologies to cut the basic shape out of blocks... and then fibreglass it. Four electrical engines, on-board laser turrets fired by fpv operators, smoke bombs to simulate damage... this thing is literally going into combat and real life dog fights. 

All the fellas are barely holding their mud. If something fails - months of work go straight down the crapper. The pucker factor on these first flights must be of biblical proportions. 

I stalled on my own Dirty Bird build and will have to restart that project. My little 0.55 nitro engine was giving me grief and I couldn't suss it out myself. It pished me off no end - these engines are dirt simple but... gah. We will let one of the experts at the airfield figure it out. Those guys LOVE problems like that and they love the noobs too... 

This is a family friendly hobby that is slowly dying because for kids raised on flight simulators and XBOX... they aren't wired to get the dopamine rush from the real thing I guess. It's sad because they miss the build aspect of the hobby too. If you are thinking about something to share with your kids and bond with them... this is an excellent avenue to go down.

Have a great Saturday - and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Really enjoyed it. Awesome.

  2. saw another video of a farmer getting to shoot apples at it using an air cannon, blew a chunk out of where both the waist gunners stand and it still flew and landed.

  3. Thats Badass !! Thanx

  4. Sweet! At the 1:47 mark, square K on the tail, my dad's bomb group--

    He was a pilot and flew 35 combat missions over Europe.

    That ship is Bit O' Lace--

    The O.D. color rudder and elevators are salvaged parts from another aircraft.

    1. Holy Mackeral!!! He must have had God as a copilot for that...