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Sunday, 3 July 2022

Submarine Sammiches: Akula Class

Welp -I’m hoping I can step up my sammich game. These are home made pizza buns made the way the kid on JewTube said. They kinda look promising, anyway. 

My last effort at making bread was underwhelming so we’ll see. I put some herbs and chit on these ones. If today goes well it will be Sammich Armageddon in the kitchen. The wife bought a raft of spicey meats and meat byproducts, stinky aromatic cheeses… and I will process the veggies before laying them on.

Can hardly wait. It’s gonna be a long church session today…


  1. Good looking Torpedos bro... I'm all thumbs when it comes to my bread game. Even with the high end bread maker my stuff usually comes out like a brick the mob could use to weigh down a corpse. Lord help us if we end up going all Full Retard and have to bake our own from here on out...

    1. I was never overly impressed with out breadmaker, BCE. It made good pizza dough and that's about it...

  2. I occasionally make fairly simple bread. Mostly based on what Steve at shows. Pretty easy and tasty, and the "turbo" variety is fairly quick too. I don't have to knead any of it, which is good as I've never even tried doing that:-).