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Sunday, 31 July 2022

Sunday Hubris

God may have made milk and honey - but men made duct tape and 5 minute epoxy!

I LOVE 5 minute epoxy!  I suppose I should have all of them but since I usually know where I’m going before I get there, I usually don’t need the extra cure time of the longer setting epoxies. I still like to let my stuff cure for 24 hours but man - once this stuff sets, the materials it bonds with will usually fail before the epoxy does.

And… yup. Project Turd Bird is back on the burner. The Ugly Stick build process is fairly simple but there are elements of the design I hate - like having rubber bands hold everything together. That is a great feature if you crash a lot… and since I don’t (knock on wood) I am permanently fixing wings and gear and such and the fitments for that are rapidly going over my skill level. Sometimes there’s only one way to get those skills so… if I mess it up, no biggie. I will learn from my mistake and recover. I hope.

I’m trying to scrounge a .65 size engine. Scotty gave me an OS .55 but I think the bearings on it packed it in. Flaps has an old Evolution I might be able to score. I am going to need the horsepower. My tutor on JewTube likes reinforcement… and that means weight. I don’t think I need to go as crazy as he did but whatever. 

I will get this pig in the air! Hopefully before the snow flies.


  1. I like being able to adjust the amount of hardener sometimes and I really like the savings.

    1. Hmmmm. Reasonably priced too….

  2. Hey, Glen - I have a bunch of older (early '70s) Gas Engines that I'll never use again, don't think I have a .65, but at least one Enya .60 and several Cox (small Motors) Boxes of Hardeware, and several complete Plane Kits (off the top of my head, can't remember how many) I see you are into this pretty "Old School" like my Father and I were, maybe you or others you know are interested in some old stuff. Send me a note at if you are interested, and I can make up a List and some Photos.

    Gryphon -