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Monday, 11 July 2022

The Calm Before The Storm?

Does anybody know what the Current Thing is?

Hmmmmm. No hurricanes? No tornadoes or climate change? No peaceful protests that burn entire city blocks? No insurrections being done by drunks, grannies or tourists?

It’s quiet, Boss. TOO quiet…

But…what is this?!?! Never mind…just more fake news. There is no Christian Taliban, no pregnant 10 year old rape victim, and no fetus to kill. Just Comrade Cow Cnut baying at the moon.

What about this?!?!? Surely this will set us at each other’s throats!!! It’s Fentynyl Floyd all over again!!! It’s Whitey’s genocide on the black man!!!

No? Really??? Everyone thinks this is just an open and shut case of self defence??? Even the race whores???

Well maybe we should all just relax, eh? Ya know what they say! Idle hands and minds are the devil’s workshop!!! I’m sure someone will be along to spice things up shortly!


  1. oh its coming, sure as the sunrise. they're trying to build up the covid scam again, calling for masks n lockdowns in nyc. the monkey fagpox didn't take hold so they're going for marburg's hemorrhagic fever, which china has been weaponizing guessed it, wuhan lab guessed it again, the nih and who funding. two for two, yay! sort of. then the ijits are building up troops in poland et al. they think they can crush vlad conventionally and he wouldn't dare use nukes, but oh how wrong they are. even dumber, the forces they are building are light infantry/airborne. no match for armor and mechanized troops. i hope the few twits that put o'dumber in office are happy watching their kids glow and their skin fall off.

  2. Stinkfingerstewie11 July 2022 at 10:22

    Well they are the party of death. And killing kids is what they do. But watching them glow and their skin fall off? Come on man, that is just taking it too far.

    1. check films of hiroshima and nagasaki. their skin did actually fall off. okay they didn't glow, but that's an accepted literary license.

    2. Stinkfingerstewie11 July 2022 at 17:10

      Easy there RR. You missed the fjb jab. " come on man "
      In the future I'll be sure to add the filthie " Har Har ".

  3. This comment over on misfit's site (per the first link in this post) had me rolling on the floor: "The state legislature in Mississippi was considering posting trained dogs at airports to sniff out pregnant people trying to leave the state in case they might be trying to terminate pregnancies. The endgame here is allowing rapists to choose which women bear their children."
    Bwahahahaha Bwhahahaha

  4. Given that NYC just put out a PSA about how to survive a nuclear incident I suspect the Powers that Be know that COVID isn't working as a threat aside from cat ladies and liberals (but I repeat myself).

    So given their PSA is nearly useless against a canned sunshine event I fear a false flag dirty bomb (That the PSA is well aimed at) at some important but not critical target area. A False Flag like 9-11 to "rally around the FLAG" or be called out as traitors.

    Remember that the Media is the right arm of the Deep State and the Socialist-Democrats (But I repeat myself again).

    Questioning the TRUTH will get you labeled a traitor. Please see what happened to Vaxx deniers for details.

  5. Only in a Democrat run Utopia...


  6. That idiot liberal fell for ANOTHER hoax. They ain't too bright

  7. Add house of the rising sun to the play list.