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Wednesday, 20 July 2022

The Filthie Environmentalist

 Yesterday I was upstairs sleeping in my easy chair while cartoons played on the toob when the wife came up and handed me a scary looking envelope from the Turdo gubbimint. "Oh cripes... what now?" I asked. The last time I got an envelope1 like that, it was a notice that they had goofed on my Covid payments and I owed them $1000.00 - "Sorry!!! Please pay promptly and cheerfully!!!" I just went down to the bank and paid it off electronically. I threw that money in an account and forgot about it. I am hearing that the vast majority of other victims of this oversight are NOT paying them back... because they can't.

So what was this? Another debt notice...? I open it up, and its a check for $400 bucks and change for something called a "Climate Incentive PayMINT". Apparently Turdo thinks that after gutting the economy in Alberta, he can redeem himself with a $400 dollar check...? 

I almost don't want to cash it, fearing the same thing they did last time. "Sorry Filthie, but that money we gave ya? Welp... we need it back. Pay up promptly, or face the debt collectors...!"

I am almost tempted to wipe my ass on that check and send it back...


  1. Yeah; California's own Nanny Newsom wants to give out $500.00 "gas cards" to everyone in the state to offset the high cost of fuel. Nevery'mind that California has around the highest gas taxes in the country and Newsom shrugged off suggestions by the retards in his own party to forego the scheduled gas tax increase that happened on 01JUL. No, this has nothing to do with offsetting the cost of fuel. Y'see, there would be nothing to keep people from using these cards to buy cigarettes, booze, or to gamble it away at one of the various and sundry "Indian casinos." And these cards are going out to EVERYONE; legal, illegal, driver, and non-driver. This is just the latest "wealth transfer" of the Left. ...Just another scam...

    I would cash the check, Glen. I decided not to cash an Obama "stimulus check" some years back. Of course, Obama being the Manchurian Candidate, he wanted the money back at tax time. Of course that check had long since been used to paper the bird cage, so I ended up having to pay back the money on my income taxes; money that was stolen from me and given back to me was stolen again... So Uncle Sam was able to take that money from me twofold... God bless America...

  2. I cashed my checks, or rather used them to pay off debts that I had got low enough to eventually cancel once the debt was paid, but this accelerated that and I paid them off, canceled two charge cards I had and put a large dent into the third and last and once paid off cancelled too. They tried every trick in the book to keep me as a customer and indebted, didn't work. My credit score went up and then dropped lower as I had no more open accounts. I don't miss them.

  3. Cash it and spend it on something that would piss him right off.
    PM sent.

  4. I never thought about applying for that blood money.
    I always figured it would have strings attached. Like we paid you, now take the jab. I even got 3-4 letters reminding me of free money.
    Yeah, No. Fuck you very much.

    1. That's the thing, DR. I never applied for it. I have never heard of it - but mind you, I avoid reading about Canadian politics because it lifts my safeties and gives me Tourette's. I got one, but my wife didn't.

      And the guys are right! Yeah, I am going to cash it. And Poli has the right idea too. I maxxed out my mainammo supplies but could use a potful of lead or two.

      Up your ass, Justin, HAR HAR HAR!!!