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Wednesday, 20 July 2022

The ‘Kraine Is Out Of Ammo

 Well well well. 

It’s the Guardian so ya have to take it all with some very large grains of salt. Given the players here… the Ukes probably ran out a long time ago. Getting ammo for their Russian ordnance is going to be almost impossible.

You woulda thunk the Ukes might have seen a problem with taunting the shite out of the Russian Bear while relying on it for military equipment. Mind you… the rest of Europe has done the same while relying on them for oil and gas.

But yannow - the Russians will be wearing out their own guns any day now. Their barrels will all melt down and those dastardly Russians will rue the day they ever trifled with creepy Joe Biden and his Ukrainian fart catchers!!! Rest assured everyone! Globohomo will prevail!!!😆👍


  1. Hey Glen... yah, the Krainian DotMil? Try the US DotMil... word I'm getting from my contractor sources (all logisticians, ackchully working in the various arsenals) is that the fucking cupboard is barer than bare... like wiped the fuck out. Holston Army Ammunition Plant is running full time, MOAR than full time... and I keep getting hit with employment offers from Eastman who runs that place... (No secret but Holston is where they make the explosives that got inside the Boomity-Boom, RDX and HMX) Me and Wifey were looking to re-locate to that area.

    BTW, also, you got added to News To Keep You Outh of the Trenches. Congrats on joining us in the Big Leagues

  2. Is that a website BCE? I have never heard of it…

  3. News to keep you out of the camps

  4. Think "Drudge" with 97% less phaggotry Dude is cool. I email back and forth with him occasionally

  5. Well thanks a lot you guys! Ya know I have never seen that site... but then again, I live under a rock in the forest and am not allowed in polite company often.

    I will have to get them up on the blogroll. How could I have missed that site...?

    1. The best thing about the site is the time ordered listing of posts (only occasionally mixed up), and that makes it easy to see who's got something new up. And I agree with BCE, congrats on joining the big leagues.