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Tuesday, 12 July 2022

The Mind Wobbles


The Japs are considering national re-armament. 

There is something shameful and humiliating about being disarmed. But I suppose they deserved it after Pearl Harbour, maybe? There’s a lot I don’t understand about that event or the Japs themselves.

If I understand them they had rules for combatants and warfare and that the sneak attack would be at odds with those honour codes? 

I hate to say it but any country relying on the States to assure their security right now…is bananas. (Yes that includes Canada). America has become fond of fighting through proxies, and often regards those proxies as disposable and expendable. Japan would be nuts to let itself be used by America against China the way the Ukes are against Russia. America couldn’t afford to support them the same way even if they wanted to. Or am I missing something? I saw something interesting on Blab: if you took the amount of money Trump wanted for his wall with Mexico … Biden had spent 15 times that on his war in the Ukraine! And he’s losing.

Based on what little I know… if I were Japanese, I’d want my own military to be as independent and strong as it could be, because the stuff they pulled in China, Korea and half a dozen other countries during WW2 had instilled some real blood debt. 

It makes the mind wobble: after WW2 the German Nazis became the world bogeyman for allegedly murdering 6 million Jews. The Russian socialists murdered millions more and got a pass. The Japs depopulated entire Chinese cities and families… and Obutthole bowed his skinny noggered ass to them and apologized for nuking them half a century later. You can’t run a country like this, never mind an empire. 

There are times, given current events, where I wonder if the wrong guys won WW2…?

Yes I think I’d rather be speaking German right now, come to think of it…


  1. the jews won WW2 and i do speak german.

  2. We murdered the best (surviving) Germans at the end of WWll. Tree Mike

  3. I'm not making excuses for the guy...but Hitler had a hate-on for the Communists. Furthermore a lot of the founding members of the Soviet Communists were Jewish as was Karl Marx. So, by extension, the Jews were lumped in with the Communists.

  4. Well, the Krauts are about to freeze to death in the dark due to their own stupid sanctions on Russia, so you might want to reconsider that...

  5. Be glad you're not IN Germany. That "allegedly" would get you five years in prison. Remember:
    5,999,999 = hate think (saying it out loud is Holocaust Denial)
    5,999,999+1 = Goodthink

    My parents came from China. Their families were well off. They lost everything because of the Japanese and the Communists and had to start from scratch in the US. (And were pretty damned grateful they had the opportunity.) The Pretty Korean Girl's family is from Korea, duh. Neither of us are particularly fond of Japan (which by the way has never groveled and apologized the way the Germans were forced to do). But I bear the average Japanese person absolutely zero ill will. I wish them well and hope they can lead peaceful, productive, and happy lives. Because no living Japanese today is responsible for what Imperial Japan did to China, Korea, and the rest of Asia.

    I have no desire for "revenge" on Japan. This is because I am a psychologically healthy (mostly) human who is not personally narcissistic. Nor do I suffer from Group Narcissism. Compare and contrast with those whose culture remembers every slight (real or imagined) and thirsts for revenge across the millennia. Germany can NEVER be punished enough. Nor can Russia.

  6. The Japs are considering national re-armament.
    and l only said less than a week ago, that is why the ex-military guy whacked Abe.