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Friday, 22 July 2022

Victory In The ‘Kraine

 …any day now!!! The Russians are on the ropes! Ya just gotta keep paying 8.00/gallon for gas a little bit longer… and Putler will fold like a cheap tent!!! Oh - and the cost of losing the war just went up! They need 9 billion a month and jet fighter planes now. But - never mind that!!! ANY DAY NOW!!!

The national post is supposedly “Canada’s conservative voice” and I suppose they are. They will get the odd columnist that will admit Justin Trudeau is a moron but beyond that, they’ll print the same stupid shite all the liberal rag sheets do. I think their readership is mostly elderly boomers that still believe all the crap they read. The best thing about the Post is maybe some of the comments… even though they are heavily censored to prevent any intelligence to break out. One wank said, “The best lies are told with a British accent…”


The shitlibs down the street are in their glory right now - they found great big Uke flag to hang up got even MOAR virtue signaling. When the revolution comes I am going to use them to confirm the zeroes on my rifles. I seriously think about flying the Red Ensign over the castle just to spite them. 

On Telegram the Russian channels speak of the doings in the ‘Kraine as a sporting turkey shoot. 

I see the victory coming by late fall when Ditope has to consider their vassal alliances with Globohomo and the US… and affordable oil and gas. Victory will come when they bravely sign the peace treaty that pretty much concedes to Vlad….


  1. If the situation wasn't so dire, I'd LOL.

    OPSEC my friend OPSEC. Shitlibs are Shitlibs. Nothing you do will change that unless they get a neon haired animal to throw some flaming bottles of peace into your home some night.

    Mike and the Mechanics have a song well worth learning the lyrics.

    It's called Silent Running.

    It's the theme song of how to survive and resist the Shitlib Borg, as currently they seem to own the Media and Police-Courts.

    1. +1.

  2. Media and cops/star chambers gotta sleep too...

  3. Meanwhile, Biden Inc. sends another 100 million to the Zelensky Laundromat under the guise of "aid to farmers". LMAO

  4. Cedric, I respect your thoughts but LOOK at it From the Shitlibs viewpoint.

    So far like poor parents we have yelled at "Our Kids" over and over again with threats of punishment and they IGNORE US.

    Even the Supreme Court "Time Outs" have been IGNORED AND they are Harassing and Publishing Real Time Location data on them in hopes some Wack job "ALLOWS" the Sock Puppet to nominate a New Improved Supreme Justus to the Court.

    Also remember I post knowing that everything I post can and will be used against me in the Kangaroo Court.

    Spending the collapse of our once Fine Republic fighting off bunk buddies in the grey hotel isn't a good way to protect your family.

    I notice so far, the Jan 6th folks are *still* in jail awaiting their Star Chamber. No Bastille day for them.

  5. Easy, Filthie. You'll have General Aesop foaming at the mouth...

  6. I lost all respect for Rickydick Hillier when, two weeks into the debacle in Afghanistan, the faggot stood up in front of Paul Martin and declared, "Mission Accomplished!!!" A friendly squaddie told me to watch my mouth because if I talked like that in the wrong place, somebody might punch my lights out.

    And then their were the 'tea parties' he'd have with Adrienne Clarkson - and that cunned stunt was the worst affirmative action hire for GG that I ever saw. Those were in my last days of thinking of myself as Canadian. Martin, Clarkson, and Hillier are a shit stain on Canadian politics but I am the only guy that seems to think so, I guess.