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Sunday, 3 July 2022

What I say I do…

What I think I do…


What I actually do…

Well I got out last night and flew my face off. I had one bad landing that bent the nose wheel but after that, the touch-and-goes came faster and easier. Ol’ Super Dave is getting to look tired and beat. But Stubfart Airfield, he is still the toughest and bravest little airplane on the line. He’s done stuff that would reduce other planes to junk.

We’d just finished a day of rain and I had the field to myself. This place is only a couple miles out of town and other than the mayhem and asshattery in the air and on the field… it is a place of tranquility and peace. 


  1. I'd join that club just to sit and look around in the quiet. Wow, that is green and pretty.

  2. I found that turning my back, kinda, looking over my shoulder, helped fight the reverse control of it coming at me.

  3. I haven't flown in a couple years. I'd crashed an ultralight back in my heydey... and found that I shat myself with fear when the airplane was aloft. My mind played tricks with me and gawd... it was tough sledding. All my conditioning and muscle memory choked and those hours on the simulator were a write off. This time round the reflexes are coming back much faster.
    Think I might get out my single engined Twinstar and give that a whirl. Compared to Super Dave, that one is a tail dragging low wing rocket ship that has to land a bit hotter and is prone to ground loops. She's on the charger now.
    This might be Dave's last year, I just might salvage the guts, and put the airframe in the fire pit and send him to heaven. He has been a good plane and a good friend.