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Thursday, 14 July 2022

White Dog Summer

20 years ago I picked that tree
from the banks of a creek I was hunting 
along. I wonder how old they get?

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  1. Nice looking tree. If I hadda guess, it's White Fir, or a Spruce. I'd need to see a cone to know, and if it's fir, it may be too young yet to put up a crop of cones. They'll be at the top, and only every other year of so.
    As to age, it'll outlast us by a hundred years or so.
    I grew up with Douglas Fir in Western Oregon, but out here in the outback our dominant species is Ponderosa Pine interspersed with White Fir (the loggers call it piss fir) and Lodgepole, with the creeks lined with Aspen groves. We have a lot of Juniper and Sage on the drier hillsides, but the Ponderosa is the timber crop here.
    And ol' Mort is one good lookin', happy dog there.