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Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me, General Aesop?


I believe his name was Zelensky, your highness...?

Well it looks like Canada (accidentally, of course, ever so terribly sorry!) - has put the knife in the back of its Ukrainian proxies in the war with Russia - and the trained zipper in charge over there is not at all happy about it.

This guy will happily send his countrymen to fight and die in vain. In fact,
he is hoping to draw us in and have us fight and die for him too.
Lead the way, General Aesop! Your country and duty calls!

I hope and pray for the Ukranians to see that
they are nothing more than useful fools in the employ
of useless fools.
They need to change that or more people will get killed for nothing.

Canada just sent Russia a big gas turbine for the Nord Stream pipeline and Z is astonished. He foolishly thought our faggot faced prime minister was on his side and had his back. Fooled ya!!!  It was either incompetence or betrayal at work with that one - when Canada's libranos are in charge, whoever pays the most gets to play as long as the usual cretins get their pay offs in brown enevelopes under the table. The difference between Justin Trudeau and Hunter Biden is purely conversational. Their fathers were both fuck ups - and they are the same only worse.

Better get used to it, Mr. Zelensky. To our ruling liberals, and America's ruling democrats - you and your countrymen are worthless, useless expendable pieces of shit to be thrown at Russia. Those idiots  fully expected you to win that war against a former world major power - in a couple of days, and the sanctions to work in a couple of weeks. Now they wish you were dead and would just go away. If you are still alive in fall - you will be a very lucky man indeed. Expect all your former friends to bail out on you when the cold of winter is nipping at their noses. General Aesop and his fanboys have gone silent and would rather not talk about you either.

But don't feel bad, Zelensky - our leaders would sell us out for a dime in a heartbeat too. They'd send us to die in a useless virtue gesture the same way you do with your people.  At this point, the average Uke is looking at being sent to fight and die a useless, vain death for this man and his backers. 

But... why dwell on it? This is no longer the Current Thing and it's best for everyone if we don't dwell on it to long. Doing so might make us question ourselves... and we certainly can't have that when our leaders need us so badly.


  1. You seem to be implying that Zelenskyy's countrymen are Ukrainians. What an absurd notion. Zelenskyy is an actual human being ("adam" *). Ukrainians are subhumans who just happen to speak and have the shape of humans. G-d put them on this earth to serve actual humans, and they most certainly are NOT his countrymen.

    * adam is pronounced uh-DAHM, not AD-um

  2. Apparently, the new "Current Thing" will be the assasination of Biden by some right-wingnut, the confiscation of ALL firearms and subsequent enslavement of everyone on earth.

  3. I take my wee little brain over there and try to get a rise out of the great intellectual aesop to enlighten me with some current wisdom on the Ukraine. He will not post my attempts.

  4. This is what happens when a people elect a foreigner (in this case, a Jew) to rule over them. Why should he care for the people of a foreign (to him) nation? They're not his kin or his tribe.

  5. There they go again, joos risen to the top to take over and subjugate a nation and it's people to place them on a feed lot to fatten and mulct taxes and property. The Ukes and us and the Canucks should run them out like almost every country in the past...

  6. The Armchair General knows by now that his sitreps on the Uke/Russia mess were a slobbering pile of goo. Of course, he'll never admit or say he was wrong on any of it. He will, however, adapt and overcome through his future posts on his blog, like it never happened and in his wisdom, knew the truths of such matters all along. While eating his crayons:) Marines are a hard headed bunch. I suppose that's why they become Marines.
    Ohio Guy

  7. Assop eats crayons so he can shit crayons so he can eat crayons.

  8. They stuck around till they couldn't. Ha ha ha.

    Not that I give a shit about any of them over there I was hoping the Russians would put an end to the grift so the billions of our money would stop going over there. Get krackin, pooty poot.

    Now another billion plus is going there. Gotta be over 50 billion now.

  9. Life is good, green t-shirt man scored yet another 1.7 billion!

    - WDS