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Thursday, 28 July 2022

Women Of Worth

Well I gotta tells ya… I’m hearing a lot of strange new labels coming out of the lunatic lefties these days. You aren’t just a Christian anymore - you’re a Christian Nationalist if ya talk the talk AND walk the walk of the faith. And to Leftie that puts you right up there with Hitler, Putler and Donald Orange Man Bad!


The other one I heard was “trad-wife” or a traditional wife. She’s a homemaker and does all those icky things that feminists won’t like cook, clean, raise the kids, wipe her arse and shave her legs and armpits! HAR HAR HAR! These are the kind of women to be married and cherished, especially in these dark days.


  1. While I have no problem with pictures/comments about the young lovelies found everywhere across the internet universe, I thank you, Glen, for posting the occasional pic/comment about women who would not be considered fantasy-worthy, who are “trad-wife” material. I count myself as one of them.

    My job description includes the words pee, poop, and barf. Don’t expect an extended training period as it is mostly OJT and the hours are long - sometimes 24/7 but there is an unexpected bonus when God decides to let you participate in a nine-month miracle.

    I have held the same position of wife, mother, teacher, nurse, chauffeur, psychiatrist, moving specialist, translator (we lived overseas), and chef for 49 years and would sign up for another 49.

    Yep, old and wrinkled, a BMI that makes my cardiologist wince, and getting out of bed in the mornings is somewhat of a challenge, but my grandkids are nearby and we are happy.

    1. You're a good woman, one worthy of true respect. Without good women, there is no future.

  2. The "trad wife" title will be highly desired before long.

  3. Bobo, I would find you the most beautiful woman in the world! Beauty is truly inside, not some boring playboy bunny strawberry.

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  5. Leftwits create epithets of things they hate. Nationalist, patriot, white, Christian, traditionalist, wife, mother, woman... all things they despise.

  6. Went to a friends trad mothers funeral yesterday. My Mom was trad. Told a friend that is what's wrong with the world today. Sadly history may repeat but I will be long dead and gone to see those good times again if the come.