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Sunday, 28 August 2022

A Time To Cast Away Stones

 Via Eaton Rapids

Too hard to hold

The two hardest things to hold weigh nothing: Our breath and grudges.

Some folks are "energized" by grudges and presumed wrongs. They are sadly mistaken. Those grudges are maintained at a high, but hidden price.

In general, I don't hold grudges. My memory is not that good and I am lazy. Other people might hold different opinions regarding my zeal for holding grudges.

I hold grudges but I am not energized by them. Were I the man I want to be, I’d cast them away without a second thought and be free of them. But… I cannot. Time heals but leaves an aching scar. Reading my bible on the cell phone helps. 

It used to be that my daughter and in-laws lived in my head, rent-free. Now, days and weeks go by without me thinking about them. Later in my life I became a problem solver and an acolyte of General Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf. He’d tell the kids to draw up a list of goals and objectives. Then do a feasibility study, and evaluate the costs and sacrifices and  benefits. Once you selected your goals, you push toward them with everything you have, and success would come. If you failed, regroup, analyze the failure, change your approach and try again. Every problem can be overcome.

 But… my in-laws, particularly my father in-law, and my daughter were problems that defied resolution for me. They lived rent-free in my head for years. They still make the odd appearance… but… I’m coming along. Contrary to Joe I think laying burdens aside is incredibly difficult. It’s changed me. 

Can you imagine being the father
of something like this?

I thank my Maker for not having to
face shite like this.
You can take your forearm and make a dink out
of it?

Depravity like this has to leave God Almighty scratching his head in wonderment. I think this is why grudges form: people create problems for themselves, and then try and force others to carry the consequences and cost for them. These problems are too big for humans to bear…and things start to break. I think also - the bigger the hurt, the harder it is to throw away.

But whadda I know…? I am a nonessential stubfart, a racist, homophobic fascist with unacceptable opinions and ideas!


If you are carrying burdens and woes this Sunday… it’s alright. Lots of people are. Solve the ones you can, and hand the rest to your Maker and pray. 

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping in.


  1. Cues music.. "Regrets.... I've had a few..."


  2. We had a family move into the rental home here on the homestead . They were refugees from the capital city and they thought they wanted to be country folk . Until the dad found out firewood doesn't cut , stack , and carry itself . They then decided to move into a village up the road where the houses have thermostats on the wall . The 15 year old daughter was blindingly ugly . Cankles and fat like a whale but she had the most beautiful long full hair you have ever seen . In the 2nd week after school started her parents took her to a barbershop and she cut off all that beautiful hair . My great grandson rode the bus with her and told me she had everyone call her Oliver . Sheeeesh ! I believe we are living in the outpouring of 2nd Thessalonians 2:11-12 . What greater delusion could there be than to think you can change God given physical attributes ? I still pray for them even though they all confessed to be agnostics . So sad .

    1. Ugliness is something your born with. But evil like this is imposed. By seriously ugly, evil people...

  3. Yep, very hard to clear out those old grudges. I've heard it said that holding on to them is like taking poison and expecting it to kill the person you have a grudge against. It only hurts yourself.

  4. all of northam has literally gone mad
    think of how many need medical care but can't afford it but hospitals are being dedicated to these horrors
    the sin is compounded multiple times

  5. Cloud Cuckoo Land. I cannot imagine... But if it's popular, it gets done. Like RO said, we had a young lady in church that wasn't very attractive. She had b.o. too, and kept it. She turned to this mental mess, and I lost track of her. Poor kid. Used to be Beth, now she's "Ben"...

  6. Dude- your wifey and dawgs. They are your priorities. To hell with everyone else.

  7. That poor girl with the double mutilating mastectomies? I thought the lines on her arms and belly were dirt. Nope. On closer inspection those look like scars. She’s apparently a “cutter”. Razor blades are very popular for this sort of self harm. And then she graduated to having a “surgical professional” do it for her in a really big way.

    As to the topic of grudges. Just yesterday I gassed on (elsewhere) about the related topics of apologies and forgiveness. Great minds think alike — and so do ours!

    Briefly, I said “Forgiveness may be good for the wrong-doer, but I think it is more important for the person who was wronged. Forgiving the wrong-doer is the chance to put down the burdens of pain and resentment.”

    Yet grudges and resentment clearly work. The people running our civilization (into the ground) have a 4000+ year history of resentment and holding grudges. It’s none of my business if someone wants to be a miserable bastard. But it IS my problem when their bastardness needlessly wrecks the lives of the people I love.

    1. Everything is so divisive. And the bastards aren't backing down, they're doubling down. They always do. I smell blood in the air.

  8. Yeah, I'm with Mike C. That first photo is up there with the napalmed girl screaming from the Vietnam era for horror value. The hundreds of razor scars attest that this is not someone not self-discerning enough to make life-altering decisions wisely... but removing agency for a person not ill enough to be committed isn't a good answer either, I suppose.
    That weird dong photo is just... odd. Thing looks like a package of dinner rolls with the paper tube off. And now I am not having biscuits and gravy tomorrow, so thanks so much for that.