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Tuesday, 16 August 2022

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  1. Now that's a funny caricature ! Har!Har!Har!

  2. When I was poor in my late teens and early twenties and I couldn't afford the $6 for a carton of smokes, I'd switch between Bull Durham and Bugler tobacco and roll my own.
    Tasted FINE!
    ...and if it got a little dry...toss a small wedge of apple into the bag.
    Lovely memories!
    Haven't rolled one in almost 40 years, but I can still taste it and feel the burn on my lips and tongue.


  3. My father had this one on a metal sign. He put it up in the bar area of the family room.

    I always enjoyed it, but my girlfriend and her three little darlings found it offensive, as did my uncle and aunt. My cousin, Lord bless her, is a lefty who bats right and who saw the picture for what it is.

  4. Yore girlfriend was offended by the Gentlemen hunting possums and other Varmints? Was she Vegan or PETA?

    1. She was a vegetarian; her three little darlings were vegan, and the youngest is a veterinarian. None are PETA members, PETA being too extreme even for them.

      I was out in Pierre, South Dakota on a contract for the State in 1998; Y2K crises and all. I sent the lefty foursome a few postcards featuring jackalopes, including the rare flying jackalope (pheasant feathers). On my regular phone call home to GF she wants to know what the jackalope eats. Well, you know, prairie grass, stuff like that. Oh, but then...

      Then comes the real kicker. "They don't actually fly, do they?"

      "Well, they're not what you'd call a real strong flier," I replied, silently biting my tongue.

      "I didn't think so! They just kind of glide, right?"

      "Yep, that's about right," I say.

      "Well, we want to know what they eat, so we'll ask Margie (the veterinarian) to find out for us," she says.

      "Oh, yeah! That's a good idea," I say, all enthusiasm.

      Margie is a junior veterinarian at an office in Dublin, Ohio. Exclusive, big money, and they only hire good looking moonbats. So the call went out, and they had every vet in the place looking through reference books, trying to find the jackalope. The search went on for over a month. Come Christmas, my big mouth brother spilled the beans.

      Still, every so often I get one right.