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Monday, 8 August 2022

And Yet, It Moves…

 The Z Man hits one right out of the park with this one. 

The church gets a pie in the face when the subject of Galileo comes up from the usual clowns. They regard that disagreement as a mere simple conflict between ignorant tradition vs modern progressivism. In point of fact the church clergy of the day knew Galileo was right about heliocentrism - after all the clerics of the day were the most literate and educated men of their day. Many of the leading scientists do the day were deeply religious and even clergymen themselves. The real battle was how to square the science with the faith and release it to the public in a way that would allow the church to control the narrative. The church of the day was basically the international govt with their hands in finance, power brokering, alliances, education and the institutions that made the renaissance possible. The clergy feared the idea of science without soul and rightly so. Z sees this as an historical inflection point … but I am not sure that I do. The church were not the bad guys that modern historical revisionists like to portray them as. They were right to fear and loathe some of the heretics. One poisoned mind can infect any number of otherwise heathy, happy individuals.

Let’s take feminism as an example - feminism is an ideology of hatred toward men. It has spawned countless numbers of frumpy angry lesbians, lonely cat ladies, pussy hatted nasty women that lose their minds at not being able to murder their own babies with abortion. Today folks will lose their shite if you pray in schools but won’t blink at trannies and the pedophiles preying on their kids. In Galileo’s day lunacy spread at the pace of a fast horse. Today it propagates at the speed of light over the internet. Today’s shit house science more harm and hate than the nastiest religious wars. In short order it will start producing record levels of spilt blood too.

In those days, if you were a rich, titled and of noble birth - you could pay a corrupt clergyman to assure you that God favoured you and approved of everything you said or did…right on up to mass murder. Little stuff like adultery and perversion could be cleansed by silver and a few cheesy prayers.

Today nothing has changed except the player’s costumes. Nowadays if you are part of the ruling class and you need a way to steal more wealth from the dirt people… you commission a study where some finger puppet scientist will assure you have a legitimate need and right to their money. Why… you need that money to save the environMINT!!! Or you need it for social justice. Or for the public good. Today Justin Turdo and his fart catchers are still making a fortune protecting Canadians from Covid. Science without soul or morality is as bad as faith without those things, maybe even worse.

The clergyman used to be the infallible authority that you could bank your very soul on. Then it was science. This tempest in a tea pot with Amy Wax portends no real change, contrary to Z…it’s just the actors changing the scenes and costumes again.

There is really nothing new under the sun.


  1. The feminazi movement is anti civil and moral human.

  2. the main problem is, "Ve haff inviltrayted oaffer haff off Kanadian coffernment, now zey implement hour agenda". Klaus Schwab.

  3. Galileo was not condemned for science. He was condemned for mocking his best friend and patron, the pope, in book form.

  4. feminism is an ideology of hatred---toward women, their contentment, their God given natural abilities

    1. Sure it is. It’s basically an attack on the entire family, I suppose…