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Monday, 29 August 2022

Bugger Off, Carl

Judgement takes very, very careful thought.
I am not an authority on head shrinkers.

Is Jung one of those fake “intellectuals” that
are a dime a dozen these days?


  1. Sounds like one of those midwit statments idiots like to throw around.

    Can you imagine if old Carl or Freud or even Marx were around with the internet. The trolling and mocking possibilities would be epic.

  2. Stinkfingerstewie29 August 2022 at 11:57

    After pondering the question and much consideration, I think the answer maybe, might, just possibly be, yes.

  3. I have only known two psych docs personally but they were both certified batshit crazy . Too much thinking is good for nobody .

  4. Psychiatrists are not Doctors. They push an agenda for their own profit.

  5. When I was studying for my BSc, I took first year psychology as an elective as it was full of rather attractive young women (they averaged even hotter than my biology classes). Back then, psychology was still considered an "art", but the lecturers were desperately pushing its status to be changed to "science".

    A few small differences I noted at the time. The brightest minds in chemistry, physics, maths, geography, biology and geology were not found to have fraudulently changed their data to prove their hypotheses. No other first year subject had exams that consisted mostly of multiple choice questions. For some reason first year psychology was the only subject where I earned a high distinction . . .



  6. You’re misunderstanding the statement. Proper judgement is hard. That is true. Jung is saying that instead of doing the work needed for informed, logical judgement, people instead “judge” reflexively INSTEAD of really thinking.

    Jung had some good and useful insights. Not that I’m a expert on him.

    Most p-shrinks and psychologists I’ve had to deal with had major psychological problems themselves. But not all.

    1. ^^ Agree. Many would judge that statement without understanding it.


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  8. Psychology and psychiatry follow the 80/20 rule. 20% of the psychs genuinely want to help people. The other 80% of them are trying to figure out why they themselves are batshit crazy. And 20% of them aren't adverse to inflicting their insanities upon others.