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Thursday, 25 August 2022

Deep Therapy: My Early Childhood


I had a troubled childhood largely because I hung out with the wrong kids
That's Uncle Bob, me on The Stool Of Shame - 
and all the other tardlets laughing at me.

Odds are that the real culprit that deserved the punishment was either 
Pete or Cederq.


  1. I would be the one sitting on the stove, at least Unc Bob didn't have to instruct me that you wear the Dunce cap on your head, not try to sit on it...

  2. The reason I'm not in the picture is - truancy. I hated school. Hated it with a passion, and what's worse is that my parents wouldn't let me quit when I finished eighth grade, nor would they allow me to drop out when I turned sixteen.

    I always wondered what I'd do if I ran into one of my old high school teachers again, and when it finally happened one was living a life that wasn't bad, but wasn't good. Another one was pretty much a broke dick; I'd guess alcoholism.

    Time is merciless.

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