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Thursday, 25 August 2022

Defund The Smallhold!!!

Once again, PP and the denizens of Coopville are complicit in chicken crime that adversely and disproportionately only affects people of colour!!! 

I propose improved chicken legislation to save the lives of our more vulnerable and vibrant citizens!





  1. Some genius in the Wendy's customer relations department screwed the pooch and got Ellis's order wrong. Shit happens. Naturally Ellis hauls out his pistol and puts one in the front of the building, then his two passengers fail to call the local constabulary and blow the whistle on him.

    Arrested and charged are Christian Ellis, Shaquita Glaspie, and Tyran McLeod (see photo).

    Here's the part that bothers me. From the article:

    He [Christian Ellis, the shooter] was released from the Collin County Jail after posting $100,000 bond.

    Ellis shoots at buildings over an argument with a group of minimum wage slaves. He probably thinks (insofar as he can think) that the fatheads working the counter are racially prejudice, and he's probably right. So he throws lead over this - and now he's out on bail? You've got to be kidding me.

    I wonder if the judge has ever heard of recidivism.

  2. Pffft the Femocrats have already effectively defunded the small hold. Luckily we have no national debt so it will take a while to totally destroy us :)

  3. When I read an article like this it makes me just want to...


    A little tune up first,

    me me me meeeeeeeee

    Ok, I'm ready.

    Here goes...

    I'm a colored spade, a nigra, a black nigga
    A jungle bunny, jigaboo, coon, pickaninny, mau mau
    Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, Little Black Sambo
    Cotton pickin', swamp guinea, junk man, shoeshine boy

    Elevator operator, table cleaner at Horn and Hardart
    Slave, voodoo zombie, Ubangi-lipped
    Flat nosed tap dancin' resident of Harlem

    Now I feels like dancin' !

  4. I was going to say Frisco is very affluent, as is Little Elm, so a 19 year old bleck up there may have a dad with a job. What's cash bond on $100k? a grand? Both are 95% white, at least.

    Then I noticed the shooter was from south dallas. What are two 19 year old choir boys doing with a 33 year old Shaniqua?

    I'm certain it's a black thing I wouldn't understand, just like busting caps when your drive through order is wrong.

    Apparently they didn't get the message from Lethal Weapon - "THEY FCK YOU AT THE DRIVE THRU!"

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    1. Sarah E. Those are Zimbabwean Dollars. You're making .23 cents an hour.