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Friday, 12 August 2022

Friday Tennessee Whisky


The lyrics on this tune are 
bloody awful…
But the way it’s played and sung more than makes up for it.

I haven’t had a drink since last Christmas.
Might be time to have a dram 

I mastered scotch and held my own with bourbon
but only dabbled in Tennessee Whisky.
Maybe in the next life I will make a greater study of it.


  1. It's a good enough song-- Davial Allan Coe wrote it. I can't stand Stapleton's vocal gymnastics though, just sing it straight, dude. You've got a decent voice, you don't have to do that "wahaUhUhUhUhaaaaAArrM as a glass of brandy" crap.

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  3. If you can find it up there in the great white north (take off hoser!), Chattanooga Whiskey has a fine cask strength selection made in small batches. I have sampled several and they are all well made.