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Thursday, 18 August 2022

From The Pull My Finger Files: Restoring Public Trust

 And now the heads must roll….

Well that's the hell of it for the folks that went along with the chinkypox scam, isn't it? The buttplugs at the CDC played their part, did as they were told. They rolled up their sleeves. They put on masks. They washed their hands every five minutes. They aped the lines they were given, and they did their part to Flatten The Curve. And now, the ruling class has discovered that nobody trusts them anymore. Hey - don't feel bad guys... I don't trust my family doctor anymore.

It was so easy to go along wasn't it? Big money for Covid cases. Days off. Laze around the house take a little vacay as you slowly recover…. And now, after doing all that, the management is going to go through the CDC firing random scapegoats that only followed orders. But this is how the establishment fart suckers think: you dirt people are so dumb, all they have to do is fire the old flunkies and replace them with new ones. The hell of that is.... they are probably right. At least 1/3 of us will, and another 1/3 of us are all over chinkypox and are on to the next Current Thing.

As we stagger and lurch from Current Thing to Current Thing there’ll be ventually be a reckoning of sorts.

On Blab I saw a vid of some kid who caught up with the doctor that insisted that his elderly father get vaxxed. The man died as a result, and all the kid wanted was some accountability. The doctor was trapped in his car with the windows rolled up. The stupid bastard ran his mouth at the kid, and the boy got so damned mad, he knocked the rear view mirror off. The doctor started yelling at the kid but by then the boy was apoplectic - he started beating on the window with his bear hands until it shattered, and then reached in and started throttling the SOB. God intervened and somehow the kid regained control of himself. In his situation I’d probably have snapped his neck, and then done his wife too, who was recording the pleasantries on her cell phone.

This is how the Karens got treated back in the day.
We need to start doing this again.

I am not going to feel sorry for these people one iota when the time comes. The reason these people were punished without mercy is because they fully intended to give others this exact same treatment - and worse. They had to pay for it, and people had to see them paying for it. It was the only way to restore public trust, and assure everyone that criminals like these would not be allowed to do what they do. 

TPTB are playing with fire now… and we all stand to get burned if we aren’t careful.


  1. Trust was the final casualty of the Kung Flu... 'They wanna play with fire? I have NO TROUBLE playing with fire in return... I... have had enough...

  2. Back during the height of the plague I went into Menards Lumber Store to get something. They had an idiot guard inside the entrance telling everyone they had to wear the diaper before entering . I told him no and walked right on by him . I heard him get on the radio and tell the manager who soon with two other goons began chasing me through the store as I was speed walking on my way to the tool aisle . The manager was a pink fisted little old man that looked older than me and I'm 72 . He came at me like he was going to put his pink little hands on me and I warned him I would knock his little pink dick stiff if he touched me . He turned the coolest color of red but never did touch me or I would have had to go to jail . When we do build the gallows and hang the sumbitches I will buy the lumber . At Lowes , heh . After leaving there I went to Lowes and they let you decide if you wanted to wear it or not . Guess where I buy all my stuff now ?

    1. Good for you. Don't knuckle under. It's all a huge pain in the ass, and generally I just didn't engage, but a couple of similar stories.
      1. MicroCenter (a sort of Target for electronics): They insisted on spraying your hands with some kind of blue liquid (in an unlabeled spray bottle) when you entered. So's you wouldn't VAB [1] their stuff, you know. I refused to be sprayed. The Black kid with the bottle said it was store policy. I told him "I have really severe allergies and can go into anaphylactic shock. I have NO idea what's in that bottle. I know you're just doing your job, but you're NOT going to spray me." The kid locked up and stared at me wide-eyed. I took mercy. "Hey, it's not on you. Go ahead and call your manager. I'll tell him directly. Show him my epi pen and everything. If he wants to accept liability for putting me in shock then you can spray me." (It was winter, I was wearing a big coat that MIGHT have had an epipen in it.) Kid gave me a big grin, "Oh no, we don't want liability. You go right ahead."

      The next time I went there it was some Asian kid. He didn't buy the bullshit. I told him a flat out "no" and brushed past him. He called security on the PA. It was hilarious. He described the shirt I was wearing, but no descriptor of race or other physical characteristics. What a load of PC crap. No one came looking for me. (Fucking anal-retentive, rules worshiping Asians. Bad as Germans.)

      2. Savers (a big thrift store): Masks required. I went in barefaced. A very polite large white kid (about 6'3") asked me to put on a mask. "Sorry, can't do it. Partially collapsed lung. My oxygen levels drop if I wear a mask. Doc says not to wear one." Kid says, "Really?" I reply, "Yeah, really. Cancer. Right lung is partly collapsed. I can walk around just fine, but climbing stairs I'm all out of breath. Mask does the same thing." This was mostly true, by the way, I was undergoing chemo, and had a small apical right lung pneumothorax. Only thing false was the doc had NOT told me to not wear a mask. Kid says, "I'm so sorry. Sorry I bugged you!" "You're just doing your job. No worries."

      Turned out I'd forgot my phone in the car. Went out to get it, and when I came back in an even larger Black kid (about 6' 5") stopped me aggressively. "You can't come in without a mask."
      "I just went over this with your colleague over there. [pointing to the first kid in the back of the store] Medical condition. Cancer, collapsed lung."
      Black kid steps closer to me, "You look okay to me. You sure you got cancer?"
      I didn't even bother with the "are you a doctor?" thing. I went straight for the kill. I took off my coat and started to unbutton my shirt. Black kid stares at me, "What are you DOING?"
      Continuing to undress, I said "I'm going to show you my chemotherapy port. You think I don't have cancer?"
      The Black kid is now paralyzed. I'm down to my undershirt at this point. The first, white kid comes running from the back of the store (apparently panicked that I was going to get naked in the front of the store). White kid's shouting, "No! No, he's cool. We talked. Just let him in!" I didn't stop. "This man here thinks I'm lying. I'm going to prove to him that I'm not." I pulled down the neck of my t-shirt and displayed the port. At this point other shoppers are gawking. "There! Chemotherapy port. I didn't have this put in just to get out of wearing a mask, you know." I'm now glaring up at the Black guy. He turns around without a word and disappears into the back of the store. To the white kid, as I'm putting my shirt back on, "Thanks helping with that guy. I appreciate it."

      No one said a word. I was trying to not laugh. Yeah, chemo was largely a shit sammich. (Everything certainly TASTED like [I imagine] shit. It does a real number on your taste buds.) But you gotta have fun when and where you can.

    2. Oh yeah, the footnote. If'n y'all don't know what VAB means, Google "vabbing". Go on. I dare yuh.
      Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0 times. Culture is a pile of shit these days.

  3. The piper must be paid. What everyone is forgetting was the USA was the piper. Only a free people can free other people. Kings never did it nor do despots or tyrants. This go round we have no one else to serve as referee or anything else. We have let all the little despots enslave us.

    No, we are FUBARed.

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