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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

It T’weren’t Me


JL shatpoasted one a couple days ago that made me so damned mad - I’m still constipated from rage.  No, I was NOT the deplorable Albertan that told that stupid bitch off… but you’d be correct to suspect it. How do I get a hold of that cunned stunt?!?! Does that liberal finger puppet have an email? I want to unload on that clot headed cnut too!!!


If ya follow the links in his poast, one of the videeyahs comes up where that odious carbunkle is out gassing about how “people saved up too much money during the Covid scam, and she and her gubbimint need access to that money to drive an economic recovery…”

Chrystia… you ignorant slut.

Maybe I better leave off there lest Alberta be accused of more incivility. But… FFS…how do you reason with people like this? That cankleblossom runs her bloody trap the same way the shitlib females in my family run theirs. Women shouldn’t voat, because this is the kind of shite that results. You can get out the puppets, colouring books and show them how they’re wrong - but they’ll stick to an emotional narrative like shit to a shoe! And when reality and Darwin send that clue bat around to crack them across the pan for their idiocy - they’ll blame you and claim that you did it to them just to be mean.


  1. Hillary McCankles floated something like that about 401K plans some years ago. You see, the gubermint needs that cash go guarantee pensions for all. They covet that money. Never forget that.

    The money is theirs first then you can keep some.

    1. The only reply to this marxist that comes to mind is: "Just how much of my labor are you claiming ownership of?"

      We really *have* to stop using their money.

  2. Runs with scissors31 August 2022 at 10:57

    That dumb bitch wants to help areas dependent upon “tourism” but refuses to allow the great unwashed, non-vaxed tourists entry to Canadian Shangri-la. What is wrong with your “leaders”?

  3. You canuks need to get over that civility fixation of yours. By now it should be obvious civility just encourages evil.

  4. While it's not *just* da canuks, it has become something of their caricature.

    An old joke: "Q: How do you get 50 canadiens out of a pool? A: Yell 'get out of the pool' "

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  6. Some local Liberal twat today (a male I think it was) was screaming now about how the surplus in Alberta should be spent as in the Gov in not spending enough??? If at any time the Gov has a surplus, it's BECAUSE they have taken too much tax revenue. Some idiots need to beaten to death with hammers and beaten to pulp and flushed down the sewers.