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Thursday, 25 August 2022

Jesus Chr-


I follow a couple stubfart outdoorsmen like The Outdoor Emporium, The Adaptive Curmudgeon and even Steve once in awhile. I love this kid. He never has the money for expensive gear or equipment but that doesn’t stop him! He’ll camp in the damnedest places with results  that make for low level stubfart humour and comedy. He’s a local boy too.

We have control of nothing. The other people in our lives, our Maker, Darwin and Murphy… anyone of ‘em can call, the chips go down… and your ticket gets punched. Of course Steve and his Crazy Neighbour should have been dead a dozen times over… but the old lady? How old was she? Mid-40’s? Dear God in heaven.

I left my condolences for Steve but came away from this with some ugly suspicions. I’d never say anything to Steve or his followers and fans… but my question, were I to ask it…would be this: what was the lady’s vaccination status? 

The shitlibs in my circle have been informed that SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) is ackshually quite common … but nothing at all to worry about!!! Sub-Olympian athletes, and athletic 20-something rugby and soccer players just drop stone dead without notice all the time, right?

Riiiiiiiiiiight. Pull my other finger, you morons. Funny how the appearance of SADS appeared at the same time as the vax. Funny that the only common factor among the SADS victims is the jab. It’s all coincidink! Nothing at all to see here…

Is that what happened here? Will we ever know? Would it matter to Steve or change anything? I don’t know anything, I am just mouthing off here, and I pray I am wrong. The other day on Blab De Santis was ranting about how “Fauci was a rotten little elf that should be dragged out and thrown across the Potomac…”

I might amend that a bit, Governor? “Fauci should be thrown INTO the Potomac… with cement shoes.” If ya think of it, maybe you’ll say a quick prayer for Steve and his family before ya hit the hay tonight.


  1. If I lost my lady, I'd sound like him, if I could talk at all. Condolences and prayers to him. I'm afeared you're likely right about the SADS. Here in middle Tennessee many folks are up in arms about the US.GOV shit show but won't talk about the klaut shaut. As for fauci, a nice helicopter hide would be more fitting Tree Mike

  2. Saw his post earlier. Sent prayers. Why do i feel mixed doing that?
    I should not, but its there.
    I need to steel some resolve to NOT let the drumbeat of any kind of anti religious browbeating make me waver.
    Im working on it.

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